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Strange behaviour using lighttpd
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:04 am    Post subject: Strange behaviour using lighttpd Reply with quote

Lighttpd is acting in a weird way: when I access locally from the same machine (using localhost, and local network ip number) everything works fine, but if I access it using the external ip almost every data is scrambled. The only thing that works is processed php output, everything else (images, html, even plain text) is scrambled. For example, if I use the same simple <html><body>test</body></html>, it works if I name the file as .php, but it doesn't if it's named .html.
The issue happens in these cases:
  • on the local machine using external public ip
  • accessing from outside the network using external public ip
  • on other devices from the same network using local ip address, even with the router is not connected to the switch

I've tested using curl, so it's not a browser cache issue.
I've uninstalled lighttpd and removed the edited configuration files, then reinstalled it and used the default configuration (I only disabled ipv6).
I tried disabling the php use flag as specified in the wiki.
I checked the permissions to the files, set to lighttpd:lighttpd, with 644 on files and 755 on dirs.
I tried another server (cherokee) and the problem doesn't happen.
The headers match the file type (text/plain, image/png, etc.), the logs are similar, both from headers of curl and error.log output from lighttpd.
I made a post on the lighttpd forum too, with the test image attached.

I contacted people on #lighttpd and, for now, nobody was able to find what the real issue is.
I might have done something (stupidly) wrong, I just can't find what is the source of this problem.

Any idea?
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