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GF: Gentoo Fundamentals
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 16, 2003 5:33 pm    Post subject: GF: Gentoo Fundamentals Reply with quote

Navigation: [Table of Contents]

  • GF1: What are the letters in "[ebuild N]"?
  • GF2: xx config files need updating
  • GF3: How do I get a list of installed packages?
  • GF4: Can portage build one package while downloading others?
  • GF5: What are masked packages? KEYWORDS / package.mask
  • GF6: Difference between 'emerge sync' and 'emerge rsync'?
  • GF7: emerge doesn't work at all any more, what can I do?

  • GF8: I'm trying to install this program (e.g. vim), and it keeps trying to install all these libraries (e.g. X, gnome) that I don't want. What should I do?
  • GF9: How can I create custom ebuilds that portage will find and that don't get deleted when resyncing?
  • GF10: What do I do if an ebuild is missing from portage and emerge search doesn't find what I'm looking for?
  • GF11: Can portage be run as a non-root user?
  • GF12: Portage and 'fixpackages'
  • GF13: What are .keep files?
  • GF14: When will the next release of gentoo be available?
  • GF15: Rsync etiquette OR How often should I sync?
  • GF16: Help! My "world" file is gone/corrupt!
  • GF17: I emerged <package>, how do I uninstall it?
  • GF18: I have upgraded gcc and now emerge fails right and left.
  • GF19: Packages fail to unmerge.
  • GF20: C compiler cannot create executables
  • GF21: C preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check
  • GF22: Circular upgrades and downgrades of a package
  • GF23: Error while loading shared libraries:

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