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GF1: What are the letters in "[ebuild N]"?
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, 2002 12:56 am    Post subject: GF1: What are the letters in "[ebuild N]"? Reply with quote

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From the Portage 2.0.51 man page (man emerge):
       When utilizing emerge with the --pretend and --verbose flags, the  out-
       put may be a little hard to understand at first.  This section explains
       the abbreviations.

       [blocks B ] app-text/dos2unix (from pkg app-text/hd2u-0.8.0)
              Dos2unix is Blocking hd2u  from  being  emerged.   Blockers  are
              defined  when  two  packages  will clobber each others files, or
              otherwise cause some form of breakage in your system.   However,
              blockers  usually  do  not  need  to  be  simultaneously emerged
              because they usually provide the same functionality.

       [ebuild N ] app-games/qstat-25c
              Qstat is New to your system, and will be emerged for  the  first

       [ebuild NS ] dev-libs/glib-2.4.7
              You  already  have a version of glib installed, but a 'new' ver-
              sion in a different SLOT is available.

       [ebuild R ] sys-apps/sed-4.0.5
              Sed 4.0.5 has already been emerged, but if you run the  command,
              then  portage  will Re-emerge the specified package (sed in this

       [ebuild F ] media-video/realplayer-8-r6
              The realplayer package requires that you Fetch the sources manu-
              ally.   When  you  attempt to emerge the package, if the sources
              are not found, then portage will halt and you will  be  provided
              with instructions on how to download the required files.

       [ebuild f ] media-video/realplayer-8-r6
              The realplayer package's files are already downloaded.

       [ebuild U ] net-fs/samba-2.2.8_pre1 [2.2.7a]
              Samba 2.2.7a has already been emerged and can be Updated to ver-
              sion 2.2.8_pre1.

       [ebuild UD] media-libs/libgd-1.8.4 [2.0.11]
              Libgd 2.0.11 is already emerged, but if  you  run  the  command,
              then portage will Downgrade to version 1.8.4 for you.
              This  may  occur if a newer version of a package has been masked
              because it is broken or it creates a security risk on your  sys-
              tem and a fix has not been released yet.
              Another  reason this may occur is if a package you are trying to
              emerge requires an older version of a package in order to emerge
              successfully.   In  this  case,  libgd  2.x is incompatible with
              libgd 1.x.  This means that  packages  that  were  created  with
              libgd  1.x  will  not  compile with 2.x and must downgrade libgd
              first before they can emerge.

       [ebuild U-] x11-base/xfree-4.3.0 []
              The - represents lack of SLOT  information  about  Xfree.   This
              will  occur  when the previous version emerged was injected (see
              inject for more info) or very outdated (so old that SLOT did not
              exist).   Either  way,  a newer version of Xfree is availabe for
              your updating delight.

       [ebuild  U  ]  sys-devel/distcc-2.16  [2.13-r1]  -gnome   -gtk   +ipv6*
              The -gtk and -gnome reflect the status  of  USE  variables  when
              emerging  distcc.  Here we see that distcc can use the USE vari-
              ables gtk and gnome, but that your current settings have gtk and
              gnome  disabled.   This means optional support for gtk and gnome
              will not be enabled in distcc when you emerge it.   An  asterisk
              shows that the USE flags have changed since the package was last
              installed.  In this case, ipv6 is  enabled  but  was  previously
              disabled.   A  USE  flag in brackets, like (-selinux), is always
              disabled and shows that the flag is not available for  the  cur-
              rent system profile.
              *Note:  The USE status is only displayed when you use the --pre-
              tend and --verbose options.

Updated 2004-11-07 --kallamej
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