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choosing wifi cards
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 07, 2004 11:24 pm    Post subject: choosing wifi cards Reply with quote

So I have a laptop with a built in mini-pci card. It is got a broadcom chipset, which winds up meaning that I have to use ndiswrapper to load windows drivers to use it. In windows for the few days before I had installed gentoo I used the wifi and it seemed to work a bit better. It seemed to pickup my home ap at greater distances and establish a link; and even when it went down it was much easier to bring back up. What I have been considering is getting one of the pigtails that will give me an antenna link to the card on the outside of the laptop. This way I would be able to use a better antenna and hopefully have a more solid connection. However, the thought has also crossed my mind that this may not be the best wireless chipset for me. I would like to do a bit of wardriving, but this chipset does not appear to be able to go into Monitor mode; so I can't use the likes of Kismet and what not. So I was thinking that maybe I would be better off with a pcmcia card. But I do not know which would be the best to buy. It is not just an issue of which one everyone says is the best, I would like to know that the card that I buy would work really well with linux. It would be nice if the card was 11.g capable, because sometimes I would like to use the wifi to transfer large files from the lappy to others on my home network. But the main thing is just good, solid, fast internet. So if I have to pay a lot more for the card to be g capable then 11Mb/sec will be fine on a be card. Does anyone have specific recomendations, and reasons which fit my desires and situation for a pcmcia wirelesscard? 8) Thanks for the help!
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