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[gentoo-announce] Gentoo Linux 1.4_rc1
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 12:17 am    Post subject: [gentoo-announce] Gentoo Linux 1.4_rc1 Reply with quote

Seemant Kulleen wrote:
Hello to Everyone in Gentooland,

Yes, you've seen the osnews reports and the slashdot site mentions, and
probably know someone who knows someone who's running Gentoo Linux
1.4_rc1. The most common question of the day is: how do I upgrade Gentoo
1.2 to 1.4?

The clearer question is actually, how to upgrade from a non-gcc-3.2 system
(note, still a gcc system :P), to a gcc-3.2 system. Well, the problem is
the ABI compatibility that gcc-3.2 has with all the lesser versions.

To this end, we now have some clear documentation (thanks to the excellent
work of ZheN and our new documentation team) found here:

Please note that these guide you through the upgrade process, which is
made very very simple and convenient (thanks to carpaski's excellent work)
upgrade scripts. The documentation will explain all.

Happy upgrading :)


Seemant Kulleen
Developer and Project Co-ordinator,
Gentoo Linux

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