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Hostname changes after console login
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 04, 2014 7:25 pm    Post subject: Hostname changes after console login Reply with quote


I cannot find a solution for my problem related to slim first login just after boot. I think my problem is related to a xauthority issue with X or during login process.
What's happening:
After boot I enter SLIM login console after typing user/passwd instead of Openbox I have a dark screen with a small cross mouse icon then I have to kill X then Gentoo is throwing me back to the "standard" login console and once I manage to login, I am able to launch SLIM and log to my openbox-session (btw startx works perfectly)
First clue: I start to dig out what was happening, and this drive me to the conclusion that I probably have an issue with authorization/authentication.
1. When I am in the standard linux login screen the top line states:
This is locahost.xxxx
-> which properly echoes my hostname configuration (/etc/conf.d/hostname) :

hostname = "localhost"

But once I'm logged my PS1 prompt changes to
Issuing hostname -f gives me
So if I'm not wrong my hostname changes to new-home during login.

2. My first SLIM session just after boot produces a slim.auth' MIT cookies with a "none" hostname (strange because hostname should be localhost). After I killing X relogging via standard console and running a second time SLIM the MIT cookies has "new-home" hostname. My ~\.XAuthority MIT cookies has also in it a "new-home"

My conclusion: Something is happening just after I log that changes my hostname disable X authorization and avoid X session to start (due to a Authorization issue).

Could someone help me to identify what is changing my hostname "on the fly" and try to harmonize all thoses hostnames in my system.
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