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[SOLVED]: Delivering local mail with opensmtpd
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:25 pm    Post subject: [SOLVED]: Delivering local mail with opensmtpd Reply with quote

I am trying to get opensmtpd to send and deliver local mail (e.g. mail sent by cron); the mail is getting queued (I can see it in /var/spool/smtpd/queue) but not delivered.

Does anyone here use opensmtpd for this, and if so, can you shed any light on the problem?

Additional info/things I've tried:
  • I am using the default smtpd.conf that was installed when I merged opensmtpd, which is set up for local transport/delivery (and which, FWIW, works as is on Arch Linux and OpenBSD; I've tried changing "listen on localhost" to "listen on lo"; no difference).
  • The iptables INPUT chain is set up to pass traffic on lo, and netstat confirms that smtpd is listening on localhost:25
  • I've tried manually creating the directory /var/spool/mail; no difference
  • "smtpctl show status" confirms that MDA, MTA, and SMTP are all running
I've searched the Gentoo forums and Google to no avail. I'd like to use opensmtpd for this, since it's very simple, provides MTA/MDA in one package, and meets my extremely basic needs (only local mail delivery from cron, essentially).

(on a side note, this is my first-ever Gentoo install after many years of other Linux/BSDs, and I am really liking it so far)

Edit: Solved. On further inspecting the message headers, I saw that they were bound for /var/mail, not /var/spool/mail. Created /var/mail and boom, mail delivered.

As a note for anyone using opensmtpd for this purpose, the group for /var/mail should be set to 'mail', not 'root', and /var/mail should be group-writeable, otherwise users won't be able to alter their mailboxes with mail/mailx.
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