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Bug in xf86-video-vesa
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 3:44 am    Post subject: Bug in xf86-video-vesa Reply with quote

I have two questions? Is there anyone out there that still uses the xf86-video-vesa driver? My second question is, am I the only person out there that has experienced this the bug that I am describing?

I found a bug in the vesa video driver that causes the screen to go dim. At first, I thought that it was just a defective video card, but I don't see how that could be, because I have two different video cards and two different monitors both experiencing this thing. When the bug is activated there are no messages in either the Xorg.0.log or the dmesg log.

The bug has revealed itself on both my Neomagic card and my Rage card but not my Radeon card. I first noticed the bug using my Rage card over 14 months ago using a different version of the driver and X11 server. The bug reveals itself in one of three different ways...

  1. Sitching between the TTY and the X server.
  2. Switching from one X server to a different X server
  3. Running a program that uses SDL video

Once I switch to from a TTY back to the X server the screen is so dim that it barely readable, all the colors are half as bright as they would normal be. I once thought that it something to do with the back-light. However after examination, I can be sure that the back-light is not effected. In the Rage card, I have experimented with the xgamma command and I was able to increase the brightness by playing around with the settings. I can get a sort of washed out look that is bright enough to read. The Neomagic card does not seem to be effected by the xgamma command at all.

Is there anyone out there with any ideas?

Bug   Video Card
Yes   Neomagic Corporation NM2160
Yes   ATI Rage 128 4X AGP 4x
No    ATI RV410 [Radeon X700]

Current version. (I also experienced this with earlier versions)
Kernel          : 3.4.77 & 3.4.48
xf86-video-vesa : 2.3.3
xorg-server     : 1.14.3
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