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start-stop-daemon: /usr/sbin/gdm died
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 03, 2014 4:07 am    Post subject: start-stop-daemon: /usr/sbin/gdm died Reply with quote

It's been a while since I last rebooted my system (at least 6 months, maybe more). Unfortunately I had a hardware failure which caused it to stop. I got it back up and running w/ replacement hardware, but now when booting I get the following message during the bootup (ie. before the login manager starts):

start-stop-daemon: caught an interrupt
start-stop-daemon: /usr/sbin/gdm died
ERROR: could not start the Display Manager

That's highlighted in red, otherwise I likely wouldn't have noticed it. Now here's the weird part: very shortly after that comes up, the gnome login screen starts and seems to work just like it always has. I can log in and everything seems fine.

I've updated system and world (I've even done an emerge -e world), but note that I've masked Gnome 3 entirely (using it at work and not ready for that change yet).

One thing that seems different to me is that the time to bring up the login screen is much earlier in the boot process. I'm guessing there's some sort of "quick boot" going on, but if I go back to the boot screen (Ctrl+Alt+F1) I see servers and maybe some other stuff is still starting. I wonder if that's related.

Thoughts or suggestions?
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