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KDE 4.10.5 - nouveau - multi-mon issues
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 11:14 pm    Post subject: KDE 4.10.5 - nouveau - multi-mon issues Reply with quote

Using KDE 4.10.5 with two identical monitors enabled in a side-by-side configuration with the x11-nouveau driver, KDE sees the two displays and can configure them individually, but then treats them as a single large monitor. I.e., windows maximize to the desktop, not to the screen. It appears since KDE 4.8.something that the Multiple Monitors panel no longer exists, so if there's now a configuration option for this, I don't know where it is. Searching has led me nowhere.

I know in the past this was often caused by not having the xinerama use flag enabled. While it wasn't enabled on the original build -- I read in some random web post that it's "not required anymore for later versions of KDE" -- I later enabled it and ran emerge -au --newuse world and re-compiled all the (kinda short list of) packages that came up with new xinerama use flags. No change.

I do have x11-proto/xineramaproto and x11-libs/libXinerama already installed. No xorg.conf. Also, fluxbox seems to support individual screens just fine after using xrandr to enable extended desktop instead of the default clone.

Interesting make.conf settings:
USE="mmx 3dnow sse sse2"
USE="${USE} -ipv6 -zeroconf udev gudev hwdb xinetd"
USE="${USE} alsa truetype gif jpeg png apng tiff aac mp3 flac faac ogg vorbis theora lame a52 dts modplug x264 mpeg taglib lzma X xinerama kde opengl gstreamer ffmpeg phonon webkit qt4 qt3support sqlite icu spell semantic-desktop"

VIDEO_CARDS="radeon ati nouveau intel fbdev vmware virtualbox vesa"
INPUT_DEVICES="evdev keyboard mouse vmmouse"
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