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HELP - Cisco RV-120W wifi router vlan question
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 4:11 am    Post subject: HELP - Cisco RV-120W wifi router vlan question Reply with quote

A couple of weeks ago, one of my wifi routers died of old age. It was a basic home/consumer grade wifi router from Linksys. It had done its job for many years, but the RF section developed a flakiness where the RF power output dropped and then recovered intermitently. This caused me to run to the local computer store and pick a similar router from the same manufacturer. Much to my dismay, the new router had no status lights on the front, and only ethernet activity lights on the back at the RJ14 connectors. I took it back and chose a different router, this time from Netgear. I installed it and it worked OK, but the very next evening, a security exploit was published against it that had no patch or workaround. So I took that router back too.

Looking over the available routers in the computer store with my iPad in hand, I googled each of them to see if there were any vulns posted against them. It turns out that almost all the home/consumer grade wifi routers are exploitable. :o

So I picked up the Cisco RV-120W, which is a "small business" grade router. It cost about twice what the consumer grade units cost, but it turns out it has many more features, as well as no googled vulns against it. :)

So I set it up and it works fine as a replacement for my old router. It has a VLAN capability, and 4 SSID's, so I am thinking I might also be able to replace a separate wifi access point with it. This AP is on a completely different LAN from the LAN the wifi router protects, but I am thinking I ought to be able to configure the RV-120W to use 2 SSID's and the VLAN capability to do everything it is doing now, and also serve as a wifi access point for the other LAN.

My approach would be to connect the other LAN to ethernet port 4 on the RV-120W, and put that port and the second SSID on the same VLAN, separate from the VLAN that contains the WAN port, the first SSID, and the other ethernet ports.

Is this a reasonable thing to do? I have never used VLAN's before, so I'm not sure whether this would work, and also whether it would be a good idea from a security point of view. The WAN and first SSID have a lot of normal user traffic on them, while the second LAN with the current AP has some stuff that needs extra protection to keep those users off of it.

The first LAN uses the DHCP server in the router to assign addresses, but the other LAN's AP uses a gentoo box running dhcpd to dole out the addresses, so the second SSID would not need the DHCP server in the router, only the first one would need it.

It would also be nice if I could put the admin web server of the router on the second VLAN so it could only be accessed by wired ethernet from the more secure LAN, which would isolate it entirely from the WAN and first LAN/SSID.

I appreciate any help or advice you can give me regarding this. Thanks! :D
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