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Redraw/Refresh Problem
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:31 am    Post subject: Redraw/Refresh Problem Reply with quote

I have installed Gentoo on my Dell XPS 15(L502x) laptop. Everything seems to be working fine. I installed KDE 4 as my desktop environment.


kded4 --version
Qt: 4.8.4
KDE Development Platform: 4.10.5
KDE Daemon: 4.10.5

There is a persistent problem that sometimes the repaint of dialog is not done. For instance at times I start typing in a form on the browser (chromium) and it wont show a thing. If i minimize and maximize back again it shows that it registered my input. It was only not showing it.
Once I was watching a video on my chrome and it also seemed frozen but the audio continued. I suspected It was just not repainting. So I scrolled the page a little and it started to work again.
I was thinking this is a browser issue but I was using kate just minutes back and the same thing happened there too. I switched the tab on to another file and typed a few letters. I could see the earlier file but it looked frozen. But I minimized and maximized it back again and everything was back to normal. It had actually registered my input to the new file on the tab it was supposed to.

I really dont know where to start looking for logs or what logs to look at. Leme know if you need any logs or command outputs.
Any help is appreciated.
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