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[Solved]No sound at all
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 8:02 am    Post subject: [Solved]No sound at all Reply with quote

I install gentoo on my thinkpad x201 laptop, but the computer do not make any sound, any help will be appericiated, thanks.
Below lists the info about my gentoo.

dmesg shows:
[ 1.168729] ALSA device list:
[ 1.170476] No soundcards found.

lspci result(lspci | grep -i audio):
00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio (rev 06)

lsmod result(lsmod | grep snd):
snd_hda_codec_hdmi 28465 1
snd_hda_codec_conexant 34286 1
snd_hda_intel 29590 1
snd_hda_codec 127867 3 snd_hda_codec_hdmi,snd_hda_codec_conexant,snd_hda_intel
snd_hwdep 5949 1 snd_hda_codec

the info tells me the driver works right? Please let me know if i am wrong.

aplay -l result:
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 0: MID [HDA Intel MID], device 0: CX20585 Analog [CX20585 Analog]
Subdevices: 1/1
Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
card 0: MID [HDA Intel MID], device 3: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]
Subdevices: 1/1
Subdevice #0: subdevice #0

alsamixer is working and i unmute all.

So where am i going, there is no sound at all. help me, thanks.

i try run "alsa-info" and provides info about my laptop at
Wish it helps.

finally, i make the "speaker-test -c 2 -t wav" work by follow steps at
i ran the command
amixer set -c 1 Master 70 unmute
amixer set -c 1 PCM 70 unmute

i guess i do not unmute sound card at all.(what i do to unmute sound card is run "alsamixer" to unmute, it seems i was wrong).
Though, i do not have sound at my Xfce4 enviroment and i need to work on it.

add the following text to [b]~/.asoundrc

defaults.pcm.card 1
defaults.pcm.device 0
defaults.ctl.card 1

That is all to get my sound card work
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