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PostPosted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:03 am    Post subject: amavisd-new remove attachments Reply with quote

Hi all,

I am using amavisd-new (version 2.8.0) + exim. I am trying solve some issue with attachments.

Very rare, but still some attachments in incoming mail are removed from e-mail. I am not sure why exactly...

For example (information from log amavisd):

p001 1/1 Content-Type: text/html, size: 144 B, name:
p002 1/2 Content-Type: application/pdf, size: 175967 B, name: <some_attach.pdf>
check_header: 2, Non-encoded 8-bit data (char C3 hex): Subject: <some subject>
mangling YES: 1 (was: 1), discl_allowed=0,
mangling by: 1, <>
mangling by altermime (1) done, new size: 1008, orig 243178 bytes

In this case I get e-mail without attachment. Does anyone know how to setup amavisd-new that not remove attachments?

Some parts of my amavisd.conf
I have added allow_disclaimres => 1 just now, but I am not sure if that can help.


$policy_bank{'MYNETS'} = { # mail originating from @mynetworks
originating => 1, # is true in MYNETS by default, but let's make it explicit
os_fingerprint_method => undef, # don't query p0f for internal clients
allow_disclaimres => 1,

Below, Should I change bad_header_quarantine_method from 'undef' to 'DPASS'?

$final_virus_destiny = D_PASS;
$final_banned_destiny = D_DISCARD;
$final_spam_destiny = D_DISCARD;
$final_bad_header_destiny = D_PASS;
$bad_header_quarantine_method = undef;

Here, I think do not modify mail body is very clearly. ;-(

$sa_spam_subject_tag = '[SPAM] ';
$defang_virus = 1; # MIME-wrap passed infected mail
$defang_banned = 1; # MIME-wrap passed mail containing banned name
$defang_bad_header = 1; # don't modify mail body
$defang_undecipherable = 1; # don't modify mail body
# for defanging bad headers only turn on certain minor contents categories:
$defang_by_ccat{CC_BADH.",3"} = 1; # NUL or CR character in header
$defang_by_ccat{CC_BADH.",5"} = 1; # header line longer than 998 characters
$defang_by_ccat{CC_BADH.",6"} = 1; # header field syntax error

If someone can help, please! If needed more information about configuration, please tell me. ;-)

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