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gentoo, pm-utils, gnome, hibernate - reload bluetooth
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 10:33 pm    Post subject: gentoo, pm-utils, gnome, hibernate - reload bluetooth Reply with quote

Greetings ppl.
As one can see from topic, it's 'wide' question, so posted here and on 'Other things' branch.
I'm using gentoo ~amd64

parmasse tempos # eix pm-utils
[I] sys-power/pm-utils
Available versions: 1.4.1 1.4.1-r2 {alsa debug networkmanager ntp VIDEO_CARDS="intel radeon"}
Installed versions: 1.4.1-r2(17:19:05 23.04.2013)(alsa -debug -ntp VIDEO_CARDS="intel -radeon")
Description: Suspend and hibernation utilities

parmasse tempos # eix gnome-base/gnome
[I] gnome-base/gnome
Available versions: (2.0) 2.32.1-r2 (~)3.6.2 [M](~)3.8.0
{accessibility +bluetooth (+)cdr cups dvdr +extras +fallback ldap mono policykit}
Installed versions: 3.6.2(2.0)(16:31:14 12.04.2013)(bluetooth cdr cups fallback -accessibility -extras)
Description: Meta package for GNOME 3, merge this package to install

THe problem is that after hibernation my bluetooth device is not started.
After googling, I found 2 solutions - add SUSPEND_MODULES to /etc/pm/config.d/modules or simply load/unload btusb. Second variant worked, but only when I run "sudo pm-hibernate".
More googling showed to set SUID, but this doesn't helped as long as even if 98-bluetooth is under 4755, it can't call and use rmmod && modprobe.
One more googling showed to set "username ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/pm-hibernate", and yep - when i run "sudo pm-hibernate" now it doesn't ask for password. BUT I need to run it manually, 'cause using 'hibernate' from menu seems to call pm-hibernate without sudo and this doesn't work.
Setting suid (4755) to /usr/sbin/pm-hibernate seems to give no result.
Even tried to mv /usr/sbin/pm-hibernate to /usr/sbin/pm-hibernate-original, make script "sudp pm-hibernate-original", set NOPASSWD sudoer for both files - the result is the same. When 'sudo pm-hibernate' from console - all works, when hibernate from menu - no bluetooth.
As excuse for 'digging' in this way can say, that both this runs (console and menu) showed in /var/log/pm-suspend.log and both say they successfully run /etc/pm/sleep.d/98-bluetooth. Yep, it 's rights 0755.

What am I missing or can't see? How to get this script (rmmod && modprobe) get run on wakeup? Yep, there is other script - but it invokes "echo on" to device and udevadm, that requires root to, so - doesn't metter.
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