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smtp server timeout
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:27 am    Post subject: smtp server timeout Reply with quote


Some mail servers are trying to deliver to a gentoo qmail server in my LAN but they are experiencing problems.
Basically, there's a timeout (see below). Other SMTP servers seem to deliver their email just fine.
What I've noticed from the log below is that there's a delay of 1 minute from the moment first shows up until my mail server ( replies. Could this cause the sending server to consider the SMTP transaction as timed out thus not proceeding with the usual SMTP commands? (of course, also drops the connection after 5 minutes since it's not getting anything from


2013-06-03 09:29:10 pid 21197 from XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
2013-06-03 09:29:10 ok 21197 :::ffff:
2013-06-03 09:30:13 21197 > 220 ESMTP
2013-06-03 09:35:13 21197 > 451 timeout (#4.4.2)
2013-06-03 09:35:13 21197 > [EOF]
2013-06-03 09:35:13 end 21197 status 256



[EDIT] Shouldn't greet as soon as it receives the SMTP connection? In the above example, shouldn't "220 ESMTP" be occurring about 1 minute earlier? If so, what could be happening? Is it something wrong with or with Could it be due to some kind of DNS lookup delay or RBL list lookup delay, etc?
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