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[SOLVED] Blackberry(tm) Bold: tether on barry-0.18.3
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PostPosted: Wed May 08, 2013 5:25 pm    Post subject: [SOLVED] Blackberry(tm) Bold: tether on barry-0.18.3 Reply with quote

[Update]: 2013-08 This now also works on multilib/hardened/desktop

Note to Myself:
this originally [b]'worked'[/b] on a [i]Blackberry Bold[/i] under [i]barry-17.1 ~x86[/i], but is **REPORTED**
to 'work' (sort of) on [i]profile: default/linux/amd64/13.0/no-multilib[/i], and
on [i]profile: hardened/linux/amd64/no-multilib[/i] with [i]glibc-2.17[/i] and [i]openrc-0.11.8[/i], but
not 'upgrade-able', as yet ([i]circa[/i] Dec 2013 ~~)..

[SOLVED - see below..]

I've had several Blackberries(tm). The latest is a Bold(tm).

Using ppp, dhcp, barry-0.18.3 (also barry-0.17.1) gets a timeout connecting, inside pppob.

I've 'manually' built barry, and used btool to 'monitor' the pts link during Connect.

Note that the Gentoo-provided sources work on the Curve(tm), but not on the Bold(tm).


Note that, since I have no way of testing on any device other than the Bold(tm), I can't guarantee that
this will be backward-compatible, with eg the Curve(tm).

unmerge barry and libsdl first.. :o -- I'm using this w/o Xorg.. :wink:

as 'regular user':
in barry-0.18.3/

cp src/ src/


src/ (diff -c -i -E -B -w
***   Sun Sep 23 11:31:28 2012
---   Fri Jul  6 12:56:01 2012
*** 162,171 ****
--- 162,173 ----
     int read_ep = ipmodem->m_con.GetProbeResult();
     Data data;
+     int    counter = 0;
     while( ipmodem->m_continue_reading ) {
        try {
+          ddout("IPModem: read timeout " << counter++ << "\r" );
           ipmodem->m_dev.BulkRead(read_ep, data, 5000);
*** 269,276 ****
--- 271,289 ----
        // Re-send "start" packet
        ddout("IPModem: Re-sending Start Response:\n");
        m_dev.BulkWrite(write_ep, pw_start, sizeof(pw_start));
+ #if 1      
+       // MY_MODS: allow Timeout response
+       try {
+ #endif         
           m_dev.BulkRead(read_ep, data);
           ddout("IPModem: Start Response Packet:\n" << data);
+ #if 1      
+       }
+       catch( Usb::Timeout &to ) {
+          // do nothing on timeouts
+          ddout("IPModem: Start Response Timeout");
+       }
+ #endif      
     // send packet with the session_key


(note: how do I 'bold' something inside a 'code' block in BBCode? .. :( )

(note the 'dot' at the end of the 'cp' statements, below :) )

(as root):
cd /usr/lib
cp <path-to-sources>/barry-0.18.3/src/.libs/ . <== Note the 'Period'
ln -s
ln -s
cd /usr/sbin
cp <path-to-sources>/barry-0.18.3/tools/.libs/pppob . <== Note the 'Period'

This seems to work, Ok. :D

additional material (if needed):
we're using a pts serial as the serial device, so chatscript ought contain:
pty "/usr/sbin/pppob -P <Bold device password>"

before the
'connect "/usr/sbin/chat -v -f /etc/chatscripts/<your chat script>"

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