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Thunar, auto-run: how?
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:09 pm    Post subject: Thunar, auto-run: how? Reply with quote

I've installed the unholy trinity of consolekit, policykit and udisks, and Thunar finally mounts removable media automatically upon insertion. However, it still won't auto-run the .autorun scripts on these media, despite my having checked the appropriate box in its volume management dialog. What's the best way to enable this, these days? The documentation of this udisks stuff is terrible, with nearly every page I've visited suggesting different configuration options, solutions and workarounds to achieve the most basic, simple things like setting permissions. man 8 udisks says "typically, users or administrators will never need to edit drive configuration files as they are effectively managed through graphical applications such as gnome-disks". Oh really? That's great...except I'm not running GNOME, and even if I were, I'd like the configs properly documented for my scripts, because I'm not keen on scripting mouse movements and clicks.

Anyway, the manual mentions config files under /etc/udisks2, but it's an empty directory here and I haven't had any luck Googling for working examples...though I've found examples of new udev rules, udev-glue configuration files, policykit overrides...basically a comical mess, mostly in response to users trying to do the kinds of simple things I'm trying to do (in this case just mount a udisk "exec" in the hopes that Thunar will respond properly to .autorun after that, as it used to do, years ago). Is there a location somewhere that actually documents this udisks-udev-consolekit-policykit stuff, with decent examples? Or, can someone at least tell me how to enable auto-run on the latest XFCE desktop with these udisks? As I said, I've got as far as auto-*mount*, but I can't see where udisks-daemon is reading its permissions rules. Some of the online guides I've read claim that all media handled by udisks-daemon should be *removed* from fstab; others that it will attend to fstab and mount devices properly based on that! This latter claim doesn't seem to be true: it does auto-mount them in the correct directory when it's specified in fstab, but it seems to be ignoring the user,exec part, as the .autorun scripts aren't running, and I can't even unmount the devices as a normal user from the console.
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