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[faq] uefi
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Tux's lil' helper

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PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2016 11:28 am    Post subject: [faq] uefi Reply with quote

(work in progress...)

What does UEFI firmware?
What is the current state supported in Gentoo?
What is an EFI stub Kernel?
What are the ways to load Gentoo?
What tools may I use to work with UEFI?
What is the recommended size (range) for the EFI system partition (ESP)?
Why the Gentoo boot option doesn't appear or disappear on the boot menu?
UEFI BIOS, is it a correct denomination?
How can I load several OS with a UEFI firmware?
Should we say EFI and UEFI?
How can I load an EFI executable with UEFI?
What is GPT?

Note: some questions will certainly be removed because they are answered in the handbook.
Other questions will be added.

Edit: The previous approach didn't work and was abondoned. The new approach is presented below.

This FAQ will gather information on UEFI in the Gentoo forums. All suggestions or comments about the FAQ should be posted to that feedback thread.

Howtos (tips and tricks?) about UEFI could be make in the Documentation, Tips & Tricks or in Unsupported Software forums.
The documentation (on the
Gentoo Wiki) will give a presentation of UEFI and its features.

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