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cups make print after re-adding printer
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:42 am    Post subject: cups make print after re-adding printer Reply with quote

Hi all!!

I have annoying problem.

Cups make print after re-adding printer only: My printer is HP 1102w (LaserJet).

1.Starting cups (printer is already added to cups by localhost:630 and hplip is used)
2. Trying to print (for example in firefox, libreoffice and etc.) but no luck.
3. Deleting printer from cups and adding it into cups again.
4. Printer is working

So, for next printing I should do these steps again and again :(

[I] net-print/cups
     Available versions:  1.4.8-r1^t[1] ~1.4.8-r23^t[1] **1.5.0^t ~1.5.0-r4^t[1] ~1.5.2-r1^t[1] 1.5.2-r4^t ~1.5.3^t ~1.6.1^t [M]**9999^t {{X acl avahi dbus debug elibc_FreeBSD +filters gnutls java +jpeg kerberos ldap linguas_ca linguas_da linguas_de linguas_es linguas_eu linguas_fi linguas_fr linguas_hu linguas_id linguas_it linguas_ja linguas_ko linguas_nl linguas_no linguas_pl linguas_pt linguas_pt_BR linguas_ru linguas_sv linguas_zh linguas_zh_TW pam perl php +png python samba selinux slp +ssl static-libs systemd +threads +tiff usb xinetd zeroconf}}
     Installed versions:  1.5.2-r4^t(05:11:42 15.01.2013)(X acl dbus filters gnutls java jpeg ldap linguas_ru pam png python ssl threads tiff usb -avahi -debug -elibc_FreeBSD -kerberos -linguas_da -linguas_de -linguas_es -linguas_eu -linguas_fi -linguas_fr -linguas_id -linguas_it -linguas_ja -linguas_ko -linguas_nl -linguas_no -linguas_pl -linguas_pt -linguas_pt_BR -linguas_sv -linguas_zh -linguas_zh_TW -perl -selinux -slp -static-libs -xinetd)

drhouse123@gentoo ~ $ eix hplip
[I] net-print/hplip
     Available versions:  3.12.10a 3.12.10a[1] ~3.12.11 ~3.12.11[1] {{X doc fax +hpcups hpijs kde libnotify -libusb0 minimal parport policykit qt4 scanner snmp static-ppds}}
     Installed versions:  3.12.10a(18:38:09 31.12.2012)(X hpcups libnotify policykit snmp -doc -fax -hpijs -kde -libusb0 -minimal -parport -qt4 -scanner -static-ppds)
     Description:         HP Linux Imaging and Printing. Includes printer, scanner, fax drivers and service tools.

[I] net-print/hplip-plugin [1]
     Available versions:  3.12.4^m 3.12.10a^m
     Installed versions:  3.12.10a^m[?](14:09:37 30.01.2013)
     Description:         Proprietary plugins and firmware for HPLIP

hplip-plugin is custom:

cat /usr/local/drhouse123-forked/net-print/hplip-plugin/hplip-plugin-3.12.10a.ebuild
# Copyright 1999-2011 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: $


inherit eutils multilib unpacker

DESCRIPTION="Proprietary plugins and firmware for HPLIP"




# Binary prebuilt package
KEYWORDS="amd64 ~x86"

# License does not allow us to redistribute the "source" package

src_unpack() {
        unpack_makeself "hplip-${PV}" || die 'unpack failed'

src_install() {
        local hplip_arch=$(use amd64 && echo 'x86_64' || echo 'x86_32')

        insinto /$(get_libdir)/udev/rules.d
        doins *.rules || die

        insinto "${HPLIP_HOME}"/data/firmware
        doins *.fw.gz || die

        for plugin in *-${hplip_arch}.so; do
                local plugin_type=prnt
                case "${plugin}" in
                        fax_*) plugin_type=fax ;;
                        bb_*)  plugin_type=scan ;;

                exeinto "${HPLIP_HOME}"/${plugin_type}/plugins
                newexe ${plugin} ${plugin/-${hplip_arch}} || die "failed to install ${plugin}"

        cat >> "${ED}/var/lib/hp/hplip.state" << _EOF_
installed = 1
eula = 1
version = ${PV}

There is no any related error in cups logs :(

Then, which driver is best for that type of printer?

I hope for your experience and tips.
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