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xscreensaver shows root bg
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nordic bro

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:07 am    Post subject: xscreensaver shows root bg Reply with quote

xscreensaver 5.12, tried both 15 and 20, same prob. things were working fine for ages then for reasons I can't figure out now when xscreensaver kicks in the root background window shows (i.e., no xscreensaver module appears). if I move mouse to activate the xscreensaver login box, then the module is displayed. if I let login timer expire and it disappears, module continues to display until the cycle time whereupon it goes back to root background.

anyone know what would be causing this or how to figure out what's the matter? I've been searching everywhere for a couple weeks and can't find anything that helps.

I changed wm versions (e17), reverted back to my trusty old rev and was surprised to see I continued having this new xscreensaver problem.

I can turn verbosity up on it but none of its messages seem to say anything about why the root bg is displayed (or why module isn't).

it's nvidia proprietary driver which hasn't been changed in 6 months so I don't see how that could be involved (that same nvidia rev was what was used before the new xscreensaver prob).

I tried emerging all xscreensaver's deps again then xscreensaver, doesn't help.


edit: a couple other things:

* if I do 'xscreensaver-demo -prefs' and "preview", some of the time I get a black monitor screen, sometimes root bg, much less often I get the module preview itself

* frequently the small "preview" window in -demo itself is black so I select another module, reselect my main one and the module preview now shows, but "preview" button itself may still cause monitor screen to be black/root bg/module
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