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Cuomo & NY dems = Full retards
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Bones McCracker

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 5:50 am    Post subject: Re: Cuomo & NY dems = Full retards Reply with quote

pjp wrote:
BoneKracker wrote:
I'm actually talking about a scene in THX-1138
Oh, OK. I saw a brief part of the movie once, but it seemed really bad.


He's a drone in this crowded, futuristic city-state that exists underground (presumably because the surface had at some point become a wasteland). There is an immense, semi-automated government bureaucracy that micromanages and rations all resources and the details of people's existence. Their physical and emotional state is constantly monitored, and they make few decisions for themselves (no important ones). Their existence is bleak, sterile, stagnant, and unsatisfying. You get the feeling of being trapped in a small space with buzzing ultraviolet lights you can't turn off and nothing to do but the same things over and over again. There are speakers constantly telling people shit like "Work hard, avoid accidents, conserve resources, and enhance productivity." It's mind-numbing.

He hasn't been feeling well lately, but isn't sure what's wrong (he's not happy, this existence is driving him out of his mind). The AI doctor in his medicine cabinet prescribes drugs. They apparently prescribe psychoactive drugs liberally to keep everybody feeling okay. It's not helping. His assigned domestic partner / roommate thinks his unease is unhappiness with her. She is apparently abusing the drugs.

At some point, he gets back to his cubbyhole apartment, but his drug-abusing domestic partner / roommate is gone, and some queer supervisor-level bureaucrat guy who apparently has more privileges has moved in (he has apparently has the butt-lust for our protagonist, and took advantage of the situation to get rid of the girl and move himself in). It's apparent that, if our guy doesn't make him happy, he'll report him and there will be trouble. So instead our guy lodges a complaint against queer bureaucrat guy for abusing his authority.

The scene I'm referring to:

He's at work, where he apparently works on an assembly line making robots. He works behind glass, manipulating robotic arms, apparently placing radioactive fuel rods into their receptacles. Dozens of other people to his left and right do similar things. It's tedious but delicate work, and they are closely monitored for safety. There is a steady chatter of radio (apparently) instructions and guidance coming from a hierarchy of people monitoring and controlling their activity. They don't always have their shit entirely together. Things aren't quite right.

He's feeling anxious and distracted, and he's a bit off. His supervisor/auditor/monitoring person in the remote data center has noted his bio-electric telemetry is nearly out of the permissible range for work. The system notes he has also submitted a complaint against a ranking bureaucrat, and he is tagged for close observation. He misses the receptacle a bit with one of the glowing fuel rods, and while he's taking corrective action, the bureaucracy springs into cluster-fuck action and puts him suspend mode ("Mind Lock"). His eyes roll up in his head and quiver, and he stops moving. Meanwhile, this causes the fuel rod to drop out of the robot hand and onto the floor, where it causes all hell to break loose and some kind of localized radioactive incident (one like it had caused an explosion in another unit a few days earlier).

This, combined with his other troubles apparently lands him in some kind of corrective confinement, which is like a weird acid trip in an all-white space that goes on forever in all directions. There are other troubled people there, along with some basically defective individuals. The queer bureaucrat is there. He sees his girl roommate in there, but they've messed up her head or something. Our guy eventually escapes, and there's a great chase scene while he makes his way to the surface.

The movie is difficult to watch, but that's it's art. It's putting you through the experience of what their bleak, sterile, not-quite-right, flourescent-light, existence is like. It's one of those things you have to watch more than once to really get it. It's definitely not a movie for the ADD. It is, however, a movie that every Democrat should be forced to watch multiple times, so they understand the direction their party's leadership is taking us. :lol:

[Edit: Ah! I found it:
patrix_neo wrote:
The human thought: I cannot win.
The ratbrain in me : I can only go forward and that's it.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I might be able to get through it now, but I doubt I would have understood it when I first saw it.

Amusing that the surroundings are incapable of containing the rod... you'd think the assembly area would be able to withstand it, much like the tools and the robots themselves. I also like all of the old 'tech.' The phone handsets, the lights. The 50's era looking control panels. I know, it was done on a low budget.
The whole system has to go. The modern criminal justice system is incompatible with Neuroscience. --Sapolsky
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