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Emerging with FEATURES=test; false positives list
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:59 am    Post subject: Emerging with FEATURES=test; false positives list Reply with quote

After going a "little" to aggressive on the optimization options I realized that we do not have a list of false positives for building with FEATURES=test. The only info I could find was a general notion that regular users should not bother with this, often based on the prevalence of false positives.
Since I believe we would be better off if more people had this enabled, I enabled it on my rescue-partition (since it got a basic config with only glibc, util-linux, net-tools and gentoo-sources at ~amd64) and emerged @world with --emptytree.

The result was the following files:

sys-devel/gcc gcctest.conf

#packages that fail baseline test:
dev-lang/python:3.4 notest.conf
dev-python/twisted-core notest.conf
dev-python/nose notest.conf
dev-python/pyopenssl notest.conf
sys-apps/util-linux notest.conf
sys-devel/binutils notest.conf
sys-libs/glibc notest.conf
sys-libs/db notest.conf #warning says it will use 6+h, uses 12+h on i7-2.7Ghz 32Gb with /var/tmp/portage in tmpfs. Also fails.
sys-devel/autoconf notest.conf
sys-apps/coreutils notest.conf
sys-fs/e2fsprogs notest.conf
sys-devel/automake notest.conf
sys-apps/texinfo notest.conf
app-arch/tar notest.conf
dev-scheme/guile notest.conf
dev-util/dejagnu notest.conf
app-arch/libarchive notest.conf
dev-libs/zziplib notest.conf #same version passes test on system with more ebuilds at ~amd64, not investigated further yet
net-libs/serf notest.conf
dev-libs/libpipeline notest.conf
sys-kernel/linux-firmware notest.conf
sys-apps/man-db notest.conf
dev-python/py notest.conf
dev-vcs/mercurial notest.conf
dev-python/html5lib notest.conf
media-libs/openjpeg notest.conf
dev-libs/glib notest.conf
gnome-base/dconf notest.conf
dev-python/pytest-xdist notest.conf
dev-python/pytest notest.conf
dev-python/pytest-cov notest.conf

FEATURES="test test-fail-continue -usersandbox"


#useflags needed for compiling world with FEATURES=test
media-gfx/imagemagick corefonts truetype
dev-libs/gobject-introspection cairo
dev-vcs/subversion -dso

Edit: Fixed info on zziplib
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