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Is it possible to embed _one_ urxvt terminal .. ?
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:54 am    Post subject: Is it possible to embed _one_ urxvt terminal .. ? Reply with quote

Is it possible to embed _one_ urxvt terminal but have the rest normal?

I've been tinkering around with my Openbox desktop. I've got a pretty nice setup for now, but I would like an "embedded" rxvt-unicode. I know this is possible, according to this guide (I've followed it before, successfully):

But more specifically, and especially as the ~/.Xresources file sets parameters on a global basis for all rxvt-unicode terminals that I call up, I would like to still be able to call up additional, "normal" terminals with borders, a scrollbar and the like. Is this possible or am I just asking for too much?

Another option that I like less would be to install the non-unicode rxvt and use this one for my desktop while my hacked-the-hell-out rxvt-unicode would remain as my regular terminal.

If you can think of anything, please share a solution with me. Thanks. (:

I've opened a thread about this earlier on, now I just copied and pasted my query for fresh ideas. I received one reply about creating an alias here:
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

One approach would be to give that big urxvt a specific class name and then use that in Xresources.

in you startup script:
urxvt -name bigterm -geomerty 1024x768

in .Xresources
bigterm*transparent: true
URxvt*transparent: false

Another approach would be to do some Perl extension hacking, but the first method should be easier.
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Bones McCracker

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Without giving a lot of thought to it, I'd look into use of the -name option. The man page says:
-name name
Specify the application name under which resources are to be obtained, rather than the default executable file name. Name should not contain `.' or `*' characters. Also sets the icon and title name.

If the "resources" they're talking about there are X resources, then that might enable you to specify a separate set of X resources for a separate instance of urxvt (or urxvtc, which is the way I run it, with urxvtd having been started in ~/.xsession:
/usr/bin/urxvtd -q -o -f

An added benefit is that, once the daemon is running, separate launches of actual urxvtc (client) instances takes a blink of the eye, literally, and each only use a tiny fraction of the RAM of discrete urxvt instances. The downside is that, theoretically, a crash of one instance could bring the daemon and all the others down, but I've never had it crash in years of using it this way.

Also, I don't know if you literally followed that howto that you linked to, but you should be using ~/.Xresources, not ~/.Xdefaults. The latter will still work, but it doesn't make use of the modern, efficient X resources infrastructure, which loads the ~/.Xresources entries into a database (xrdb), merging them with any other settings loaded at system level, and enables you to dynamically change them while X is running. In fact, it had been that way for years when that howto was written.
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