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Cinnamon - Network issues (1.6.7)
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:44 am    Post subject: Cinnamon - Network issues (1.6.7) Reply with quote

I'm having issues with networking, until I try to actually emerge something I can actually do everything normal.
For example, if I emerge firefox it'll just freeze at fetching and I can't ping for instance but if I don't emerge anything I can ping to google.

Also I have an Ae3000 and Ae1000 usb adapter as my room doesn't have the modem and I'm not going to run wires when I'm moving during the summer or early fall.

The driver I compiled was the RT3753sta which works as I've installed it on every distro and I can see my wireless networks, but I can't use my ae1000 device as it says firmware is missing.

Now I was using the default terminals (no terminal installed) like xterm, can ping and do everything fine but until I emerge anything and anything as small as guake(my favorite terminal) it freezes and I have to reboot to fix it.

Is this an issue with cinnamon? or just a terminal issue freezing?

I really don't see anything special about cinnamon and nothing that xfce4 can't do and I can just install the cinnamon menu.

Also I have to have wicd to actually... connect to the internet, wirelessly anyway as ethernet works fine with networkmanager but wicd allows me to connect wireless well networkmanager does only when wicd is installed which kinda makes me mad but it's a small package and if it fixes my issue I can live with it.

Also wpa_supplicant can connect but it will disconnect with reason=0 which I haven't been able to find a answer to, if I can get that fixed I don't need wicd for my wireless networks as I prefer networkmanager.
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