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openrc and stopping net services
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 8:20 am    Post subject: openrc and stopping net services Reply with quote

hi all!

after the update to openrc 0.11.5 and the above versions my network is not working correctly. i rebooted as suggested and everything works ok until i do my adsl reconnect via cron job (it stops net.ppp0, waits a few seconds and the starts net.ppp0 again). after this every service depending "net" is stopped but not restarted.
i searched the rc.conf file and the only thing i found is this:


# Do we allow any started service in the runlevel to satisfy the dependency
# or do we want all of them regardless of state? For example, if net.eth0
# and net.eth1 are in the default runlevel then with rc_depend_strict="NO"
# both will be started, but services that depend on 'net' will work if either
# one comes up. With rc_depend_strict="YES" we would require them both to
# come up.

so i set it to NO. but i do not know how to test this :cry:

or do i have to set something like this:

# You can also remove dependencies.
# This is mainly used for saying which servies do NOT provide net.

any help would be appreciated very much!!!

thx in advance

EDIT: i forgot to post my /etc/rc.conf:

area52 etc # grep -v -E '(^#|^;|^$)' /etc/rc.conf

Intel i3-4130T on ASUS P9D-X
Gentoo Base System 2.2
Kernel 4.19.23-gentoo SMP
if your problem is fixed please add something like [solved] to the topic!
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