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DMX cursor problem
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:17 pm    Post subject: DMX cursor problem Reply with quote

I'm trying to get DMX running on a 6x3 tiled wall.
I have a 9 node cluster, 2 graphics cards in each. Each card is driving one display tile.
I'm running DMX with the config file below.
It looks like everything comes up ok, however the cursor only works in the first tile.
I can address the whole tiled wall with a "xterm -geometry +X+Y" and it pops up in the right place.
I'm running DMX per below...

Any thoughts?

setenv DISPLAY :5

/usr/bin/Xdmx :5 -ac -norender +xinerama -glxfinishswap -glxsyncswap -disablexineramaextension -ignorebadfontpaths -configfile ~/dmx.conf -config full -input :0

virtual full 11520x3240 {
display everest1:0.1 1920x1080 @0x0;
display everest1:0.0 1920x1080 @1920x0;
display everest2:0.1 1920x1080 @3840x0;
display everest2:0.0 1920x1080 @5760x0;
display everest3:0.1 1920x1080 @7680x0;
display everest3:0.0 1920x1080 @9600x0;
display everest4:0.1 1920x1080 @0x1080;
display everest4:0.0 1920x1080 @1920x1080;
display everest5:0.1 1920x1080 @3840x1080;
display everest5:0.0 1920x1080 @5760x1080;
display everest6:0.1 1920x1080 @7680x1080;
display everest6:0.0 1920x1080 @9600x1080;
display everest7:0.1 1920x1080 @0x2160;
display everest7:0.0 1920x1080 @1920x2160;
display everest8:0.1 1920x1080 @3840x2160;
display everest8:0.0 1920x1080 @5760x2160;
display everest9:0.1 1920x1080 @7680x2160;
display everest9:0.0 1920x1080 @9600x2160;
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