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VLC audio offset
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 5:47 am    Post subject: VLC audio offset Reply with quote

Hi guys, my VLC-2.0.3 does this weird thing with all the media files (audio and video). It starts playing the audio like 2-3 seconds late, it does not go with the video, and it plays faster, I can notice on all my songs, it is faster. What causes this? Does anyone else also have this problem? Thanks

[I] media-video/vlc
     Available versions:  2.0.1 ~2.0.2 2.0.3 ~2.0.4 **2.0.9999 **9999 {{+X a52 aac aalib alsa altivec atmo +audioqueue avahi +avcodec +avformat bidi bluray cdda cddb dbus dc1394 debug dirac direct2d directfb directx dshow dts dvb +dvbpsi dvd dxva2 egl elibc_glibc +encode fbosd +ffmpeg flac fluidsynth fontconfig +gcrypt gme gnome gnutls growl httpd ieee1394 ios-vout jack kate kde libass libcaca libnotify libproxy libsamplerate libtar libtiger linsys lirc live lua +macosx +macosx-audio +macosx-dialog-provider +macosx-eyetv +macosx-qtkit +macosx-quartztext +macosx-vout matroska media-library mmx modplug mp3 mpeg mtp musepack ncurses neon ogg omxil opengl optimisememory opus oss png portaudio +postproc projectm pulseaudio pvr +qt4 rtsp run-as-root samba schroedinger sdl sdl-image shine shout sid skins speex sqlite sse svg switcher +swscale taglib theora truetype twolame udev upnp v4l vaapi vcdx vlm vorbis waveout win32codecs wingdi wma-fixed x264 +xcb xml xosd xv zvbi}}
     Installed versions:  2.0.3(07:39:59 PM 10/15/2012)(X a52 aac alsa avcodec avformat cdda dbus directfb dts dvbpsi dvd elibc_glibc encode ffmpeg flac gcrypt gnome libnotify mmx mp3 mpeg ncurses ogg opengl png postproc pulseaudio qt4 sdl sse svg swscale truetype udev vorbis x264 xcb xml xv -aalib -altivec -atmo -audioqueue -avahi -bidi -bluray -cddb -dc1394 -debug -dirac -direct2d -directx -dshow -dvb -dxva2 -egl -fbosd -fluidsynth -fontconfig -gme -gnutls -growl -httpd -ieee1394 -ios-vout -jack -kate -kde -libass -libcaca -libproxy -libsamplerate -libtar -libtiger -linsys -lirc -live -lua -macosx -macosx-audio -macosx-dialog-provider -macosx-eyetv -macosx-qtkit -macosx-quartztext -macosx-vout -matroska -media-library -modplug -mtp -musepack -neon -omxil -optimisememory -oss -portaudio -projectm -pvr -rtsp -run-as-root -samba -schroedinger -sdl-image -shine -shout -sid -skins -speex -sqlite -switcher -taglib -theora -twolame -upnp -v4l -vaapi -vcdx -vlm -waveout -win32codecs -wingdi -wma-fixed -xosd -zvbi)
     Description:         VLC media player - Video player and streamer
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