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Mediatomb-TV on Lan + controller on wifi
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:45 pm    Post subject: Mediatomb-TV on Lan + controller on wifi Reply with quote

I've been thinking for a while on this and I'm not sure how to proceed so I decided to ask here.

* I currently have a server connected via ethernet to my home router and running Mediatomb to serve files to my TV (also connected via ethernet to the same router).
* To control what is playing on the TV I use the internal DLNA client option of the TV, I browse the media library from this TV, select a file and play it.

The problem with this setup is that I can't browse the library to select say the next song while the TV is playing the media. So I decided that it was better to add a controller to the Server-Client situation above.

I can browse my media library with a laptop connected to my local network via wireless (mediatomb serves a webpage and I can access that from my laptop's web-browser), hence I hoped that I should be able to use this laptop as a controller for my server's mediatomb. Here are the two questions for the list:

1) Which UPNP software, or any software would you recommend as a DLNA controller? the only thing it should do is being able to browse the media database on a server and select the TV as a renderer.

2) Will I have any trouble given that the controller is on wifi and the server-renderer are on LAN? This I suppose will not be an issue since the three will be on the same subnet. Actually if I run an instance of mediatomb on the laptop on wifi, the TV does find it and plays from it, so I suppose the controller should be able to talk to the TV.
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