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Akonadi Re-initialise and Recover
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:49 am    Post subject: Akonadi Re-initialise and Recover Reply with quote

I've been having a variety of problems with Akonadi ever since kmail2 was introduced about a year ago.

It started when I discovered that the c onverter silently refused to import about 75% of my mail. It took me some weeks to discover this was a configuration issue, in the meantime, I went through numerous cycles of destroying/recreating agents, trying to recover my email archives ....

I ended up with multiple instances of Local Folders, so the kmail setup, or the akonadi database is screwed up.

Then the beginning of this year I went through a sequence of issues caused by intermittent fan failures in my laptop. So the database got screwed up even further, as the system would frequently just shut off without warning, leaving the database in an inconsistent state.

Amongst other things, I ended up with multiple folders of some of my Google accounts, so again, I've got to sort out the kmail setup, and the contents of the akonadi database.

Now kmail is completely stuffed, it hasn't displayed any new mail for days....

I think the time has come to drop the database and start afresh.

But I have years of notes in KJots, in multiple notebooks, (although the hardware crashes have damaged that as well). Then I've got my local email folders with all sorts of non-business, but irreplaceable mail.

So, I need a strategy to
(1) Salvage what I can from Akonadi for Local Folders and Notes - The Google Mail Accounts, calendar, contacts can come back from Google.
(2) Re-initialise the Akonadi database
(3) Reload the Local Folders and Notes
(4) Get Akonadi to run InnoDB without constantly filling my home partition with binlog files.

I fear it's a big project, anyone know how to do all this?

With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine (RFC 1925, not actually talking about Gentoo)
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