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Windows Repair/Rescue CD based on Gentoo?
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:55 am    Post subject: Windows Repair/Rescue CD based on Gentoo? Reply with quote

Ich sammel noch so Information und Ideen fuer das 'Projekt'. Es gibt ja hunderte LiveCDs aber keine 'Eierlegende Wollmilchsau', also dachte ich mir etwas eigenes zu basteln fuer USB sticks also so maximal 4GB. Leider habe ich wenig bis keine Erfahrung mit etwaigen DOS oder Windows RettungsCDs wie BartBE etc.

Hier mal so meine Ideen so weit (nicht lachen :D ):

--- Requirements ---
manipulate local partitions
repair bootloader Windows OS
backup/copy/delete/edit files on local partitions (ntfs)
test hardware (memory, harddrive (smart))
edit registry (admin password reset, mountpoints etc.)
join/leave domain with the machine?
run local System as VM like chroot?!?

--- Facts ---
Windows 7 Setup has:
1. install Windows 7
2. startup repair (Windows 7 boot partition)
3. system restore (previous registry and system files) (version conflict between Win7 Home/Enterprise/Prof etc. only works with the version of the installed OS)
4. system image recovery (from backup)
5. memory check (reboot)
6. command prompt (D: usually maps the local system partition)

1. full bootable Linux OS
2. full bootable FreeDOS OS
3. Memtest86+
4. ntpasswd (Windows Registry, not really working)
5. Partition Manager, HD eraser etc. this can all be done out of Linux

--- Ideas ---
1. triple boot cd with Windows 7 Setup, Memtest86+ and Linux tools/OS
2. Windows 7 Setup CD with default option see above
3. Memtest86+ with default options
4. Linux with a menu on bootup giving options to manipulate the local OS/Hardware
mount local partitions (ntfs3g for read/write Windows partitions)
erase HD (proper with random and zeros using shred)
edit partitiontable (gparted has a nice graphical interface)
file manager on local partition (just thunar or something)
regedit on local hive files if Windows OS (should work with wine)
start local system as vm (virt-manager with KVM?)

- distribution of choice Gentoo or Archlinux
both highly flexible and configureable during boot process etc.
both have tools to create live images out of the installed OS
Gentoo would need to compile everything from source (more stable and even more flexible)

- Windows 7 image
probably not needed, any Windows 7 installation disk could be used
needs >=2.9GB of space only to boot

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