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Wiimote problems / incompatibilities
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:54 am    Post subject: Wiimote problems / incompatibilities Reply with quote

I'm running dolphin emu and want to use my wiimotes. I got a bluetooth controller, got all the drivers working, but I'm having a few basic problems:

1) Pairing in dolphin seems to be random. I did make sure to allow the wiimotes to connect in bluetoothctl. Pairing only works once in a while. Usually when there is a connection it times out almost immediately. Sometimes I get authentication errors, sometimes not. I really haven't found a guide that's based on the latest kernels. Most everything is set up for use before the kernels had support for wiimotes. Can someone point me to a guide?

2) When I get the wiimote to pair, I get the buzz from the wiimote and it works in the dolphin game, but even though I have the IR bar up and running (and have verified with the Wii U that I own, that it does work) I can't get the IR cursor to work, unless I aim it at a glass window that just happens to be reflecting the IR from the IR bar... It's really weird. I have tried changing the sensitivity of the wiimote, but anything lower than full produces no result at all.

3) If my bluetooth wiimote is enabled and bluez is running, then my xbox360 wireless controller doesn't work. I found a web site saying there is some sort of conflict between the hardware drivers that causes the xbox 360 controller to not work. If I disable bluetooth, then the 360 controller starts working again.

Has anyone dealt with these issues before? Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm having fun with Mame and mupen64plus, but dolphin emu is not cooperating and I'd really like to play our wii games on it.

Thanks in advance,
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