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Job: Hiring a junior Gentoo sysadmin near Washington DC
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 6:01 pm    Post subject: Job: Hiring a junior Gentoo sysadmin near Washington DC Reply with quote

I'm a technical co-founder of a small (~15 people, in business for 8+ years) security consulting & R&D company. I spend too much time on sysadmin, so I need a minion.

About 90% of our infrastructure runs Gentoo; the rest are misc UNIX and Windows boxes/VMs for cross-platform development, victim boxes to break into, etc. We are currently working on some Gentoo-based appliances.

Looking for a junior sysadmin with Gentoo experience (running Gentoo on your desktop at home/college probably counts!). Salary commensurate with how much work you are able to take away from me. You must be in the Washington, DC area, US citizen, and be able to pass a background check (security clearance not required).

Here's part requirements, part job description--things that you don't already know how to do, you would be learning:

Gentoo-specific skills/experience:

  • resolving blocks, masked packages, etc
  • merging custom local config changes against new upstream defaults
  • creating ebuilds to add new packages
  • modifying ebuilds to add new USE flags to control configure options, apply additional patches, etc.
  • running a local portage overlay.
  • if you have a posting history in, and/or the mailing lists or forums, those are pluses (unless you are a troll), so point me at them.
  • if you maintain any packages in the main tree, or maintain a public overlay, that's a huge plus (although you might be overqualified).

Non-Gentoo-specific skills:

  • Be paranoid.
  • Able to script in bash and perl; some familiarity with python a plus.
  • Familiar with linux kernel configuration, including modifying the .config file by hand.
  • Able to read and understand Linux iptables firewall rules and logs.
  • Able to lift a 1U server over your head. (Can I even say that? I don't know, I'm not an HR person.)
  • Able to read, write, and debug regular expressions; understand the differences between the regex dialects of grep, sed, egrep, and perl.
  • Familiar with various system performance and investigative tools (ps, strace, ltrace, top, vmstat, iostat, iotop, etc), and how to use them to diagnose system performance issues.
  • Attention to detail. Mention the number 42 in your message to me.
  • Familiar with OpenSSH and GnuPG.
  • Experience using at least one SCM (CVS, SVN, git, etc).
  • Experience decoding and interpreting kernel OOPS messages. (Posting to lkml and asking for help counts.)
  • Familiar with taking packet captures and analyzing with tcpdump, ngrep, wireshark.
  • The ability to send me a plain-text resume, no PDF, no .doc, .docx, etc.
  • Experience using virtualization software (VMWare, VBox, Xen, or OpenVZ) to run Linux-on-Linux and/or Windows-on-Linux.
  • Posting history on open-source mailing lists/forums and bug trackers is worth more than certifications; point me at them.

We have good benefits (health/vision/dental, 401k, etc) and try to grow our own talent (so this job can change with you). We are looking for a full time person, but if you are a Gentoo sysadmin ninja and could do this job in half the time, we'd consider part-time and/or splitting your time with pentesting or development work.

If you are interested, please PM me and I'll follow up with contact info and answer questions--I will reply to this thread with the answers to "FAQs" if I can (if I get any).
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