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Removing single packages from a meta-package?
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:19 pm    Post subject: Removing single packages from a meta-package? Reply with quote

I know this question has to have been asked before. However, I couldn't find anything in the manuals about it and I can't find anything by searching the forum or Google. I assume I'm simply not using well enough refined search terms, but I have been trying for the better half of 90 minutes to see if I could find any info on it. Most of what I found was either not helpful, or I'm hoping not the best solution :).

I've installed GNOME 3.2 on a new build. And I'm in the process of installing other apps and attempting to remove anything that I don't need. When I installed Gnome 3, the howto said that running 'emerge gnome' was preferred as opposed to 'emerge gnome-light'. So that's the way I did things. Only problem is it obviously pulls a full/complete Gnome environment. Seeing as how I don't need/want applications like empathy, evolution, totem, etc, I removed them individually without thinking about the fact that they are indeed parts of meta-packages. So now when I try to update portage naturally tries to reinstall these packages, and --depclean complains and will not remove any dependencies which these packages brought in with them,

So is there any simple solution to this? Or is my only option to completely remove Gnome and rebuild it modular style, or worse individual package by individual package? I apologize if this has been asked, as I'm almost certain it has, but as I said before I can't find much information on it, and I'm sure that's user error. But I would greatly appreciate any help you guys can give me here.

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John R. Graham

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 3:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

All of the underlying packages are dependencies of the gnome meta-package. It's no different with gnome-light. If you want to switch to that, then, just
emerge -C gnome
which will only remove the meta-package, not its dependencies. Follow that with
emerge gnome-light
which will only install the meta-package, not the dependencies, which, after all, are already installed. Most people in your shoes would start with gnome-light and add via explicit emerge those things you find lacking. If you take this path, after you switch to gnome-light, run
emerge --depclean --pretend
and make note of anything you don't want removed. For each of those, run
emerge --noreplace package
substituting the name of the package for "package". This will add those packages to the world set so that they will not be deleted.

However, if you want to just build a tailored version of the full gnome meta-package, removing only those things that you don't want, then you need to
  • Set up a local overlay.
  • Copy the gnome ebuild to the local overlay.
  • Modify it there, removing the dependencies that you don't want.
There are plenty of tutorials out there on setting up local overlays, but, if you run into any snags, don't hesitate to ask. :wink:

- John
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