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reliably catching fetchmail trouble?
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nordic bro

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 8:08 pm    Post subject: reliably catching fetchmail trouble? Reply with quote

I had a fetchmailrc prob, connecting was fine but authentication wasn't taking place so wasn't getting mail for that user for a few days and didn't know it. for pop3 anyway, fetchmail seems to base its exit status on only what happens w/final user in rc file. that is, if user1 has an authentication problem so fails but (final) user3 does not, exit status is 0 or 1 (both ok). if user1 does not have a problem and I cause user3 to have the authentication trouble then fetchmail exits with 2 as it should.

I don't want to use -v because a) it's too voluminous for what I need and b) I'd have to know/chk specifically for all possible error conditions to avoid missing one when grep'ing the log.

also rc file "users" are multiple accounts from the same mail server all going to the same /var/spool/mail file so checking timestamps on that won't work I think because of local mail.

basically what I'd like is a way to know when fetchmail has *any* connection or authentication problems since it doesn't seem there's a generic "something's wrong" other than exit status which as I discovered above is unreliable. I was using r6.3.19 but tried r6.3.21 too.

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