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Font Issues (Japanese locale, QT & GTK+)
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PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2014 11:31 pm    Post subject: Font Issues (Japanese locale, QT & GTK+) Reply with quote


I'd like to know if it's possible to address these problems with fonts.

Everything is great. Anti-aliasing for Latin and Japanese characters. My issue is that programs in JA locale have this strange font width problem that changes dynamically. In the leafpad screenshot, I show leafpad in EN and JA modes with the same text to illustrate how the font width changes. This problem is only exhibited by running any GTK+ program in JA locale and writing symbols with or without text. This problem appears on a line by line basis in the editing field. Needless to say this is absolute hell for text editors when working with any programming language particularly with {} blocks and the } not lining up vertically due to the distorted dimensions. Furthermore the underscore is not visible whatsoever in JA mode and cannot be differentiated from an ordinary space. Because of this I keep launching my text editor from the shell with LC_ALL="C" to force EN mode and avoid these issues temporarily. If there is a way to solve this problem that would be ideal.

This issue is worse and annoying. Everything looks fine if the program loads in EN locale, but in JA, the fonts look terrible, no anti-aliasing and both Latin and Japanese characters are horrid. Furthermore there is some kind of "noise" in the fonts too; if you look closely you can see scattered pixels that just don't belong and make it look even messier. I'm demonstrating qtconfig, but of course the issue persists in clementine which also uses QT. The only thing that seems to render OK in a JA locale QT program is special characters like Ö. All the basic ASCII characters look awful and have that pixel mess in there. By the way, making changes in qtconfig and selecting save does nothing. Nothing changes and reopening qtconfig shows the settings were not recorded. Japanese text does not render better in EN mode; it does not have anti-aliasing like it does in GTK+.
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