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Gentoo on Opteron Notes
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2003 2:17 pm    Post subject: Gentoo on Opteron Notes Reply with quote

Hi Guys/Gals.

Here's my experience on the gentoo opteron livecd install:

* I ran into a lack of /etc/mtab which borked grub-static until I created a correct mtab.
* vim was masked but emerged just fine
* I had to manually compile module-init-tools.0.9.14 because 0.9.12 couldn't be found. (I used emerge module-init-tools.0.9.14.ebuild in the ebuild's directory)
* apart from the previous point, bootstrap and emerge system worked just fine, taking a little under 2 hours in total.
* an ogg encode benchmark that took 23.7 seconds under suse took 18.5 seconds under gentoo (on the same machine).
* I didn't run gentoo on the box for long, however, as clisp wouldn't compile and that was the tool that *had* to run on that particular box. All the dependencies for clisp had to be emerged manually, and libsigsegv had to have CPPFLAGS set to -I/usr/include/asm to compile.

All in all, a good experience with some gotchas - I can't wait until clisp compiles because when it does... bye bye suse :-)
Oh, and to get the kernel to compile I had to disable ACPI.
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