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Cinelerra crashes when attempt to record
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:15 pm    Post subject: Cinelerra crashes when attempt to record Reply with quote

When I try to start recording, cinelerra (that is, press "r") crashes with the following message:

† perjanus † ~ $  cinelerra
Cinelerra 2.2CV  Gentoo - 20120707
(C) 2006 Heroine Virtual Ltd.
(C) 2006-2011 The CinelerraCV Community
External ffmpeg
Compiled on Sat Oct 20 17:18:38 CEST 2012

Cinelerra is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License,
and you are welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under
certain conditions. There is absolutely no warranty for Cinelerra.
RecordMonitorCanvas::RecordMonitorCanvas 1 0 35 321 465
VDeviceV4L2Thread::run VIDIOC_S_FMT: Invalid argument
VDeviceV4L2Thread::run VIDIOC_G_INPUT: Inappropriate ioctl for device
VDeviceV4L2Thread::run VIDIOC_S_STD: Invalid argument
VDeviceV4L2Thread::run requested 2 buffers
VDeviceV4L2Thread::run got 2 buffers
signal_entry: got SIGSEGV my pid=11900 execution table size=16:
    recordmonitor.C: recordmonitor.C: 107
    recordmonitor.C: recordmonitor.C: 115
    recordmonitor.C: recordmonitor.C: 118
    recordmonitor.C: recordmonitor.C: 120
    recordmonitor.C: recordmonitor.C: 122
    record.C: run: 450
    record.C: run: 453
    record.C: run: 460
    record.C: run: 471
    recordmonitor.C: recordmonitor.C: 1021
    record.C: run: 474
    RecordThread::run 9
    RecordThread::run 10
    RecordThread::run 11
    RecordThread::run 12
    RecordThread::run 13
signal_entry: lock table size=20
    0x3c3c760 CWindowTool::input_lock CWindowTool::run
    0x3d28db0 TransportQue::output_lock PlaybackEngine::run
    0x3d29640 MainIndexes::input_lock MainIndexes::run 1
    0x2417b00 BC_Synchronous::next_command BC_Synchronous::run
    0x3dadab0 ResourceThread::draw_lock ResourceThread::run
    0x3c61b00 TransportQue::output_lock PlaybackEngine::run
    0x7f39b8219490 RecordMonitor::output_lock RecordMonitorThread::run
    0x7f39b81d2ed0 BC_WindowBase::event_condition BC_WindowBase::get_event
    0x7f39ac0e31d0 VDeviceV4L2Put::more_buffers VDeviceV4L2Put::run
    0x7f39b8169a60 BC_WindowBase::event_condition BC_WindowBase::get_event
    0x7f39b8174590 RecordStatusThread::input_lock RecordStatusThread::run
    0x3c91130 BC_WindowBase::event_condition BC_WindowBase::get_event
    0x3de9ce0 BC_WindowBase::event_condition BC_WindowBase::get_event
    0x375ea20 BC_WindowBase::event_condition BC_WindowBase::get_event
    0x3c63500 BC_WindowBase::event_condition BC_WindowBase::get_event
    0x3b8d990 BC_WindowBase::event_condition BC_WindowBase::get_event
    0x3d2b800 BC_WindowBase::event_condition BC_WindowBase::get_event
    0x7f39b82225f0 AudioDevice::buffer_lock AudioDevice::run_input 1 *
    0x7f39b82225f0 AudioDevice::buffer_lock AudioDevice::read_buffer 1
    0x7f39ac0e3070 VDeviceV4L2Thread::ioctl_lock VDeviceV4L2Thread::run *
BC_Signals::dump_buffers: buffer table size=0
BC_Signals::delete_temps: deleting 0 temp files
SigHandler::signal_handler total files=0
† perjanus † ~ $

The options "monitor video" and "monitor audio" are enabled, and I think it might have something to do with the crashing. However, cinelerra seems to be crashing very often here.
Anyone with similar issues?
"Nolite arbitrari quia venerim mittere pacem in terram non veni pacem mittere sed gladium" (Yeshua Ha Mashiach)
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