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Looking for bluetooth documentation
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:16 am    Post subject: Looking for bluetooth documentation Reply with quote


I'm looking for documentation about the current bluetooth implementation of Linux.

As I didn't find any in a few years, I think we can make a "Doc, Tips n Tricks" posting from it.

Specific questions: What is DUN? How is it related to rfcomm? What is rfcomm? What is binding?
How is it related to connecting? How can I disconnect an existing connection? If it doesn't connect, how can I find out why? What is a "channel"?

Do I need to run pppd over rfcomm? Does it need a chat script? If that doesn't work, then what?

What is PAN? How can I set it up? I know there used to be a way to set it up, it was replaced. By what?

If a GUI thingy says it has established a connection, what kind of connection is it? How can I find out?

How can I transfer data between devices? How can I browse the directory structure on a remote device (an old version of KDE konqueror could do this)? What software is required for it, what isn't? How can I minimize, preferably eliminate, the popups that interrupt the transfer (questions like "Are you sure you want to transfer this file? Are you really sure? Where do you want to store it?")?

Advanced question: How do I share a pairing between Linux and Windows on a dual-boot PC? I guess there is no feasible way.
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