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xpdf + mozplugger + firefox problem
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 12:11 pm    Post subject: xpdf + mozplugger + firefox problem Reply with quote

I'm having a strange problem with embedding xpdf into Firefox. While it embeds without issue, none of the buttons in xpdf work until I open up a sidebar first. Once I've done that everything works correctly. I've looked for log files, but haven't found anything that describes what I'm seeing. I've checked /var/log/messages and ~/.xsession-errors.

Firefox version: 3.6.8-r1
Mozplugger version: 1.14.0-r1
xpdf version: 3.02-r4

This is my configuration from mozpluggerrc
application/pdf:pdf:PDF file
application/x-pdf:pdf:PDF file
text/pdf:pdf:PDF file
text/x-pdf:pdf:PDF file
#       ACROREAD()
#       repeat noisy swallow(kpdf) fill: kpdf "$file"
        repeat noisy swallow(Xpdf) fill: xpdf -g +9000+9000 "$file"
#       repeat noisy swallow(okular) fill: okular "$file"
#       repeat noisy swallow(epdfview) fill: epdfview "$file"
#       GV()
#       repeat noisy fill exits: evince "$file"

The only other way I've found to work around this issue is to remove the swallow() option. However, that pretty much defeats the purpose of using mozplugger in my opinion.
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