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emerge -u world
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2003 7:03 pm    Post subject: emerge -u world Reply with quote

I run Gentoo on three networked workstations and a web server here. Running

emerge sync
emerge -u system
emerge -u world

last night doing routine maintenance I encountered something I thought I might inquire about here on the Portgage & Programming Forum. Each of the above systems was installed some weeks apart and except for the web server, of course, the package makeup is identical. Since the install dates are somewhat different, when doing maintenance I've noticed small differences each time in what packages each system updates or upgrades, something understandable enough in itself, I suppose. But last night one of the workstations generated an emerge -u world that involved twelve (12) packages, one of them Mozilla 1.4, while the other three generated only one (1), something that provoked more than a little surprize.

Twelve packages in one case and only one in the other three? What accounts for this difference when these machines have been updated no less than once a week since they were activated. Might it be the fact that the mirror that produced the twelve packages is properly updated where the others were not? Might someone explain what's happening here?

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