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Files used by portage to store info about what's installed?
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 8:47 am    Post subject: Files used by portage to store info about what's installed? Reply with quote

Hi there again,
being away from my gentoo machines I wonder how is the actual state of emerged packages reflected into filesystem by portage (not counting the installed files of course)? Can it be somehow easily described here or what online manuals should tell that in length?

Edit: or maybe I should ask: is man 5 portage omitting anything significant?
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Straight from the manpage:

              This directory is used to store internal portage cache files.  The names and purpose of these files are not documented on purpose so as  to  keep  down  bitrot  as
              internals change.  If you aren't working on portage internally, then the details most likely do not matter to you.

              This entire directory can be safely deleted.  It is highly recommended you do not do this however as it can be a time consuming process to generate them all again.

              All installed package information is recorded here.  If portage thinks you have a package installed, it is usually because it is listed here.

              The  format follows somewhat closely that of the portage tree.  There is a directory for each category and a package-version subdirectory for each package you have

              Inside each package directory are misc files that describe the installed contents of the package as well as build time information (so  that  the  package  can  be
              unmerged without needing the portage tree).

              The exact file contents and format are not described here again so that things can be changed quickly.  Generally though there is one file per environment variable
              that "matters" (like CFLAGS) with the contents stored inside of it.  Another common file is the CONTENTS file which lists the path and hashes of all  objects  that
              the package installed onto your system.


              config Hashes  which are used to determine whether files in config protected directories have been modified since being installed.  Files which have not been modi-
                     fied will automatically be unmerged.

              world  Every time you emerge a package, the package that you requested is recorded here.  Then when you run `emerge world -up`, the list of packages is  read  from
                     this  file.   Note that this does not mean that the packages that were installed as dependencies are listed here.  For example, if you run `emerge mod_wsgi`
                     and you do not have apache already, then "www-apache/mod_wsgi" is recorded in the world file but "www-servers/apache" is not.  For more information,  review

                     - one DEPEND atom base per line


                     This is like the world file but instead of package atoms it contains packages sets which always begin with the @ character.

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