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High bus load locks X?
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2003 4:57 pm    Post subject: High bus load locks X? Reply with quote

This is a tricky one.. I have two network cards in my PC (henceforth called 'A'). One is for the LAN/Internet connection and the other for sometimes providing network access to other computers I tinker with (called 'B' here).

Using the network on B often results in A locking up. No mouse or keyboard access and the screen freezes. Often, though, this can be remedied by simply SSH:ing in from B. As soon as the login prompt appears, A un-freezes and things return to normal. It has happened though, that A locks up completely.

The odds for this irritating situation occuring increases when I use my TV-tuner card or give the harddisk a workout with some nice filesharing tool like xMule. There's also a greater chance A will lock up completely then, I think.

I thought of reverting to vanilla-sources (using Gentoo-sources now) but since I use EVMS I need support for it in the kernel. It seems a bit troublesome applying the patches so instead I'll ask here if maybe someone else have experienced similar problems?

In case this is hardware related, inside the box lies an Epox 8KHA+ MB with VIA KT266A chipset.
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