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Dipendenze circolari
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Tux's lil' helper
Tux's lil' helper

Joined: 15 Feb 2007
Posts: 91

PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:53 pm    Post subject: Dipendenze circolari Reply with quote

Ciao ragazzi, questa volta sono allle prese con un problema di dipendenze circolari.
In breve ieri dopo aver eseguito un emerge ..sync ho provato ad aggiornare il sistema con emerge --update --deep --newuse world.
A questo punto ottengo questo output:
# emerge --update --deep --newuse world
Calculating dependencies... done!

[nomerge ] net-misc/wicd- [1.6.2]
[nomerge ] dev-python/notify-python-0.1.1-r1
[nomerge ] dev-python/pygtk-2.14.1-r1 USE="doc* -test% (-X%*)"
[nomerge ] dev-python/pycairo-1.8.8 USE="doc*"
[nomerge ] dev-python/sphinx-0.6.3 USE="doc test"
[ebuild N ] dev-python/jinja2-2.2.1 USE="doc examples i18n test"
[ebuild N ] dev-python/nose-0.11.1 USE="doc -examples -test"
[ebuild N ] dev-python/sphinx-0.6.3 USE="doc test"

* Error: circular dependencies:

('ebuild', '/', 'dev-python/sphinx-0.6.3', 'merge') depends on
('ebuild', '/', 'dev-python/jinja2-2.2.1', 'merge') (buildtime)
('ebuild', '/', 'dev-python/nose-0.11.1', 'merge') (buildtime)
('ebuild', '/', 'dev-python/jinja2-2.2.1', 'merge') depends on
('ebuild', '/', 'dev-python/nose-0.11.1', 'merge') (buildtime)
('ebuild', '/', 'dev-python/sphinx-0.6.3', 'merge') (buildtime)
('ebuild', '/', 'dev-python/nose-0.11.1', 'merge') depends on
('ebuild', '/', 'dev-python/sphinx-0.6.3', 'merge') (buildtime)

* Note that circular dependencies can often be avoided by temporarily
* disabling USE flags that trigger optional dependencies.

Ho tentato a ripetere emerge --sync quindi emerge --update --deep --newuse world ma il risultato è il medesimo.
Sono andato a sbirciare su bugzilla e ho trovato qualcosa ma non sono riuscito a capire bene se il problema è stato risolto.
Cosa ne pensate?
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Joined: 13 Apr 2006
Posts: 1069
Location: vi/bo

PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Prova a compilare con qualche USE flag temporanea

che ne so...
USE="-test -doc" emerge -uDN sphinx

ti permette di compilare il tutto?
se si, allora fai prima questo passaggio e poi ridai un aggiornamento completo (senza specificare flag, in modo da abilitare quelle che vuoi tu)
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Joined: 14 Sep 2006
Posts: 1269
Location: Verona

PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Scrivi qui il risultato di emerge -uDpvNt per cercare di capire qualcosa in più. Il metodo di darkmanPPT potrebbe funzionare (ma dipende dall'origine del problema).
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Tux's lil' helper
Tux's lil' helper

Joined: 15 Feb 2007
Posts: 91

PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 3:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Digitando il comando emerge -uDpvNt ottengo come risultato l'help di emerge:
emerge -uDpvNt
emerge: the other white meat (command-line interface to the Portage system)
emerge [ options ] [ action ] [ ebuild | tbz2 | file | set | atom ] [ ... ]
emerge [ options ] [ action ] < system | world >
emerge < --sync | --metadata | --info >
emerge --resume [ --pretend | --ask | --skipfirst ]
emerge --help [ system | world | --sync ]
Options: -[abBcCdDefgGhjkKlnNoOpqPsStuvV]
[ --color < y | n > ] [ --columns ]
[ --complete-graph ] [ --deep ]
[ --jobs JOBS ] [ --keep-going ] [ --load-average LOAD ]
[ --newuse ] [ --noconfmem ] [ --nospinner ]
[ --oneshot ] [ --onlydeps ]
[ --reinstall changed-use ] [ --with-bdeps < y | n > ]
Actions: [ --depclean | --search | --sync | --version ]

Help (this screen):
--help (-h short option)
Displays this help; an additional argument (see above) will tell
emerge to display detailed help.

--clean (-c short option)
Cleans the system by removing outdated packages which will not
remove functionalities or prevent your system from working.
The arguments can be in several different formats :
* world
* system or
* 'dependency specification' (in single quotes is best.)
Here are a few examples of the dependency specification format:
binutils matches
binutils- and binutils-
sys-devel/binutils matches
binutils- and binutils-
>sys-devel/binutils- matches
>=sys-devel/binutils- matches
binutils- and binutils-
<=sys-devel/binutils- matches
binutils- and binutils-

Runs package-specific operations that must be executed after an
emerge process has completed. This usually entails configuration
file setup or other similar setups that the user may wish to run.

Cleans the system by removing packages that are not
associated with explicitly merged packages. Depclean works by
creating the full dependency tree from the system and world
sets, then comparing it to installed packages. Packages
installed, but not part of the dependency tree, will be
uninstalled by depclean. See --with-bdeps for behavior with
respect to build time dependencies that are not strictly
required. Packages that are part of the world set will always
be kept. They can be manually added to this set with emerge
--noreplace <atom>. As a safety measure, depclean will not
remove any packages unless *all* required dependencies have
been resolved. As a consequence, it is often necessary to run
emerge --update --newuse --deep world prior to depclean.

WARNING: Inexperienced users are advised to use --pretend
with this option in order to see a preview of which packages
will be uninstalled. Always study the list of packages to be
cleaned for any obvious mistakes. Note that packages listed
in package.provided (see portage(5)) may be removed by
depclean, even if they are part of the world set. Also note
that depclean may break link level dependencies. Thus, it is
recommended to use a tool such as revdep-rebuild(1) in order
to detect such breakage.

Depclean serves as a dependency aware version of --unmerge.
When given one or more atoms, it will unmerge matched
packages that have no reverse dependencies. Use --depclean
together with --verbose to show reverse dependencies.

Remove atoms from the world file. This action is implied by
uninstall actions, including --depclean, --prune and
--unmerge. Use --deselect=n in order to prevent uninstall
actions from removing atoms from the world file.

Displays important portage variables that will be exported to when performing merges. This information is useful
for bug reports and verification of settings. All settings in
make.{conf,globals,defaults} and the environment show up if
run with the '--verbose' flag.

Transfers metadata cache from ${PORTDIR}/metadata/cache/ to
/var/cache/edb/dep/ as is normally done on the tail end of an
rsync update using emerge --sync. This process populates the
cache database that portage uses for pre-parsed lookups of
package data. It does not populate cache for the overlays
listed in PORTDIR_OVERLAY. In order to generate cache for
overlays, use --regen.

--prune (-P short option)
WARNING: This action can remove important packages!
Removes all but the highest installed version of a package
from your system. Use --prune together with --verbose to show
reverse dependencies or with --nodeps to ignore all

Causes portage to check and update the dependency cache of all
ebuilds in the portage tree. This is not recommended for rsync
users as rsync updates the cache using server-side caches.
Rsync users should simply 'emerge --sync' to regenerate.
In order to specify parallel --regen behavior, use the
---jobs and --load-average options. If you would like to
generate and distribute cache for use by others, use

Resumes the most recent merge list that has been aborted due to an
error. Please note that this operation will only return an error
on failure. If there is nothing for portage to do, then portage
will exit with a message and a success condition. A resume list
will persist until it has been completed in entirety or until
another aborted merge list replaces it. The resume history is
capable of storing two merge lists. After one resume list
completes, it is possible to invoke --resume once again in order
to resume an older list.

--search (-s short option)
Searches for matches of the supplied string in the current local
portage tree. By default emerge uses a case-insensitive simple
search, but you can enable a regular expression search by
prefixing the search string with %.
Prepending the expression with a '@' will cause the category to
be included in the search.
A few examples:
emerge --search libc
list all packages that contain libc in their name
emerge --search '%^kde'
list all packages starting with kde
emerge --search '%gcc$'
list all packages ending with gcc
emerge --search '%@^dev-java.*jdk'
list all available Java JDKs

--searchdesc (-S short option)
Matches the search string against the description field as well
the package's name. Take caution as the descriptions are also
matched as regular expressions.
emerge -S html
emerge -S applet
emerge -S 'perl.*module'

--unmerge (-C short option)
WARNING: This action can remove important packages!
Removes all matching packages. This does no checking of
dependencies, so it may remove packages necessary for the proper
operation of your system. Its arguments can be atoms or
ebuilds. For a dependency aware version of --unmerge, use
--depclean or --prune.

--update (-u short option)
Updates packages to the best version available, which may not
always be the highest version number due to masking for testing
and development. This will also update direct dependencies which
may not be what you want. Package atoms specified on the command
line are greedy, meaning that unspecific atoms may match multiple
installed versions of slotted packages.

--version (-V short option)
Displays the currently installed version of portage along with
other information useful for quick reference on a system. See
emerge info for more advanced information.

When displaying USE and other flag output, combines the enabled
and disabled flags into a single list and sorts it alphabetically.
With this option, output such as USE="dar -bar -foo" will instead
be displayed as USE="-bar dar -foo"

--ask (-a short option)
before performing the merge, display what ebuilds and tbz2s will
be installed, in the same format as when using --pretend; then
ask whether to continue with the merge or abort. Using --ask is
more efficient than using --pretend and then executing the same
command without --pretend, as dependencies will only need to be
calculated once. WARNING: If the "Enter" key is pressed at the
prompt (with no other input), it is interpreted as acceptance of
the first choice. Note that the input buffer is not cleared prior
to the prompt, so an accidental press of the "Enter" key at any
time prior to the prompt will be interpreted as a choice!

--buildpkg (-b short option)
Tells emerge to build binary packages for all ebuilds
processed in addition to actually merging the packages.
Useful for maintainers or if you administrate multiple Gentoo
Linux systems (build once, emerge tbz2s everywhere) as well
as disaster recovery. The package will be created in the
${PKGDIR}/All directory. An alternative for already-merged
packages is to use quickpkg(1) which creates a tbz2 from the
live filesystem.

--buildpkgonly (-B short option)
Creates a binary package, but does not merge it to the
system. This has the restriction that unsatisfied dependencies
must not exist for the desired package as they cannot be used if
they do not exist on the system.

--changelog (-l short option)
When pretending, also display the ChangeLog entries for packages
that will be upgraded.

--color < y | n >
Enable or disable color output. This option will override NOCOLOR
(see make.conf(5)) and may also be used to force color output when
stdout is not a tty (by default, color is disabled unless stdout
is a tty).

Display the pretend output in a tabular form. Versions are
aligned vertically.

This causes emerge to consider the deep dependencies of all
packages from the system and world sets. With this option
enabled, emerge will bail out if it determines that the given
operation will break any dependencies of the packages that
have been added to the graph. Like the --deep option, the
--complete-graph option will significantly increase the time
taken for dependency calculations. Note that, unlike the
--deep option, the --complete-graph option does not cause any
more packages to be updated than would have otherwise been
updated with the option disabled.

Set the PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT environment variable which is
documented in the emerge(1) man page.

--debug (-d short option)
Tell emerge to run the ebuild command in --debug mode. In this
mode, the bash build environment will run with the -x option,
causing it to output verbose debug information print to stdout.
--debug is great for finding bash syntax errors as providing
very verbose information about the dependency and build process.

--deep (-D short option)
This flag forces emerge to consider the entire dependency tree of
packages, instead of checking only the immediate dependencies of
the packages. As an example, this catches updates in libraries
that are not directly listed in the dependencies of a package.
Also see --with-bdeps for behavior with respect to build time
dependencies that are not strictly required.

--emptytree (-e short option)
Virtually tweaks the tree of installed packages to contain
nothing. This is great to use together with --pretend. This makes
it possible for developers to get a complete overview of the
complete dependency tree of a certain package.

--fetchonly (-f short option)
Instead of doing any package building, just perform fetches for
all packages (main package as well as all dependencies.) When
used in combination with --pretend all the SRC_URIs will be
displayed multiple mirrors per line, one line per file.

--fetch-all-uri (-F short option)
Same as --fetchonly except that all package files, including those
not required to build the package, will be processed.

--getbinpkg (-g short option)
Using the server and location defined in PORTAGE_BINHOST, portage
will download the information from each binary file there and it
will use that information to help build the dependency list. This
option implies '-k'. (Use -gK for binary-only merging.)

--getbinpkgonly (-G short option)
This option is identical to -g, as above, except it will not use
ANY information from the local machine. All binaries will be
downloaded from the remote server without consulting packages
existing in the packages directory.

--jobs [JOBS] (-j short option)
Specifies the number of packages to build simultaneously. If
this option is given without an argument, emerge will not
limit the number of jobs that can run simultaneously. Also
see the related --load-average option.

Continue as much as possible after an error. When an error
occurs, dependencies are recalculated for remaining packages
and any with unsatisfied dependencies are automatically
dropped. Also see the related --skipfirst option.

--load-average LOAD
Specifies that no new builds should be started if there are
other builds running and the load average is at least LOAD (a
floating-point number). This option is recommended for use in
combination with --jobs in order to avoid excess load. See
make(1) for information about analogous options that should
be configured via MAKEOPTS in make.conf(5).

--newuse (-N short option)
Tells emerge to include installed packages where USE flags have
changed since installation.

Portage keeps track of files that have been placed into
CONFIG_PROTECT directories, and normally it will not merge the
same file more than once, as that would become annoying. This
can lead to problems when the user wants the file in the case
of accidental deletion. With this option, files will always be
merged to the live fs instead of silently dropped.

--nodeps (-O short option)
Merge specified packages, but don't merge any dependencies.
Note that the build may fail if deps aren't satisfied.

--noreplace (-n short option)
Skip the packages specified on the command-line that have
already been installed. Without this option, any packages,
ebuilds, or deps you specify on the command-line *will* cause
Portage to remerge the package, even if it is already installed.
Note that Portage won't remerge dependencies by default.
Also note that this option takes precedence over options such
as --newuse, preventing a package from being reinstalled even
though the corresponding USE flag settings may have changed.

Disables the spinner regardless of terminal type.

--oneshot (-1 short option)
Emerge as normal, but don't add packages to the world profile.
This package will only be updated if it is depended upon by
another package.

--onlydeps (-o short option)
Only merge (or pretend to merge) the dependencies of the
specified packages, not the packages themselves.

--pretend (-p short option)
Instead of actually performing the merge, simply display what
ebuilds and tbz2s *would* have been installed if --pretend
weren't used. Using --pretend is strongly recommended before
installing an unfamiliar package. In the printout, N = new,
U = updating, R = replacing, F = fetch restricted, B = blocked
by an already installed package, D = possible downgrading,
S = slotted install. --verbose causes affecting use flags to be
printed out accompanied by a '+' for enabled and a '-' for
disabled USE flags.

--quiet (-q short option)
Effects vary, but the general outcome is a reduced or condensed
output from portage's displays.

--reinstall changed-use
Tells emerge to include installed packages where USE flags have
changed since installation. Unlike --newuse, this option does
not trigger reinstallation when flags that the user has not
enabled are added or removed.

Set the ROOT environment variable which is documented in the
emerge(1) man page.

If no argument is given then build-time dependencies of
packages for ROOT are installed to ROOT instead of /. If the
rdeps argument is given then discard all build-time
dependencies of packages for ROOT. This option is only
meaningful when used together with ROOT and it should not be
enabled under normal circumstances. For currently supported
EAPI values, the build-time dependencies are specified in the
DEPEND variable. However, behavior may change for new EAPIs
when related extensions are added in the future.

This option is only valid when used with --resume. It
removes the first package in the resume list. Dependencies
are recalculated for remaining packages and any that have
unsatisfied dependencies or are masked will be automatically
dropped. Also see the related --keep-going option.

--tree (-t short option)
Shows the dependency tree using indentation for dependencies.
The packages are also listed in reverse merge order so that
a package's dependencies follow the package. Only really useful
in combination with --emptytree, --update or --deep.

--usepkg (-k short option)
Tell emerge to use binary packages (from $PKGDIR) if they are
available, thus possibly avoiding some time-consuming compiles.
This option is useful for CD installs; you can export
PKGDIR=/mnt/cdrom/packages and then use this option to have
emerge "pull" binary packages from the CD in order to satisfy

--usepkgonly (-K short option)
Like --usepkg above, except this only allows the use of binary
packages, and it will abort the emerge if the package is not
available at the time of dependency calculation.

--verbose (-v short option)
Effects vary, but the general outcome is an increased or expanded
display of content in portage's displays.

--with-bdeps < y | n >
In dependency calculations, pull in build time dependencies that
are not strictly required. This defaults to 'n' for installation
actions and 'y' for the --depclean action. This setting can be
added to EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS (see make.conf(5)) and later
overridden via the command line.

Il pacchetto dev-python/sphinx-0.6.3 avevo provato ad installarlo da solo con le USE richieste inserite nel file /etc/package.use, ma non sono riuscito ad installare un bel niente.
Ciao e grazie
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Tux's lil' helper
Tux's lil' helper

Joined: 15 Feb 2007
Posts: 91

PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 4:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ho provato a disabilitare la flag USE doc e questo è il risultato:
# emerge --update --deep --newuse world
Calculating dependencies... done!
[ebuild U ] sys-libs/timezone-data-2009p [2009m]
[ebuild R ] dev-cpp/clucene-0.9.21b USE="threads*"
[ebuild U ] net-misc/dhcpcd-4.0.15 [4.0.13]
[ebuild U ] media-libs/tiff-3.9.2 [3.9.1] USE="cxx%*"
[ebuild R ] net-libs/libvncserver-0.9.1 USE="(-nobackchannel%)"
[ebuild R ] sys-process/procps-3.2.8 USE="unicode%*"
[ebuild U ] app-text/ispell-3.3.02-r1 [3.2.06-r6]
[ebuild U ] dev-db/sqlite-3.6.19 [3.6.18]
[ebuild N ] media-libs/ladspa-sdk-1.13
[ebuild NS ] sys-kernel/gentoo-sources-2.6.31-r6 [2.6.30-r4, 2.6.30-r6, 2.6.30-r8] USE="symlink -build"
[ebuild R ] x11-base/xorg-drivers-1.6 VIDEO_CARDS="(-imstt%) (-vermilion%)"
[ebuild N ] dev-perl/perl-tk-804.028-r2
[ebuild U ] dev-perl/HTML-Parser-3.64 [3.62]
[ebuild U ] app-text/docbook-xsl-stylesheets-1.75.2 [1.73.2]
[ebuild U ] media-libs/speex-1.2_rc1 [1.2_beta3_p2]
[ebuild U ] media-libs/gd-2.0.35-r1 [2.0.35]
[ebuild R ] app-text/uudeview-0.5.20-r1 USE="tk*"
[ebuild U ] dev-perl/DBI-1.609 [1.601]
[ebuild U ] dev-libs/openssl-0.9.8l-r1 [0.9.8k-r1]
[ebuild R ] dev-games/libggz- USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] dev-util/git- USE="threads* tk*"
[ebuild R ] app-text/texlive-core-2008-r7 USE="tk* -doc*"
[ebuild R ] dev-texlive/texlive-basic-2008 USE="-doc*"
[ebuild R ] dev-texlive/texlive-fontsrecommended-2008 USE="-doc*"
[ebuild NS ] app-text/docbook-xml-dtd-4.5 [4.1.2-r6, 4.2-r2, 4.4-r1]
[ebuild U ] sys-apps/kbd-1.15 [1.13-r1]
[ebuild R ] dev-games/ggz-client-libs- USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] app-text/opensp-1.5.2-r1 USE="-doc*"
[ebuild U ] app-i18n/enca-1.11 [1.10]
[ebuild R ] dev-libs/xmlrpc-c-1.18.02 USE="threads*"
[ebuild U ] dev-db/mysql-5.0.84-r1 [5.0.70-r1] USE="community%* -profiling%"
[ebuild U ] dev-java/sun-jdk- [] USE="nsplugin*"
[ebuild R ] sys-libs/db-4.7.25_p4 USE="java*"
[ebuild N ] dev-java/libreadline-java-0.8.0-r2 USE="-doc -source"
[ebuild U ] net-misc/mDNSResponder-212.1 [107.6-r5] USE="java*"
[ebuild NS ] dev-java/sun-jdk- [] USE="X alsa nsplugin -doc -examples -jce -odbc"
[ebuild NS ] virtual/jdk-1.5.0 [1.6.0]
[ebuild U ] dev-util/subversion-1.6.6 [1.6.5] USE="java*"
[ebuild R ] dev-lang/python-2.6.2-r1 USE="-doc*"
[ebuild U ] sys-libs/cracklib-2.8.13-r1 [2.8.13]
[ebuild U ] dev-python/setuptools-0.6.6 [0.6-r1]
[ebuild R ] app-pda/pilot-link-0.12.3-r1 USE="java* threads* -debug*"
[ebuild U ] dev-python/pyxdg-0.17-r2 [0.17-r1]
[ebuild U ] dev-python/gdata-2.0.4 [2.0.2]
[ebuild N ] dev-java/javatoolkit-0.3.0-r3
[ebuild N ] dev-java/ant-core-1.7.1-r4 USE="-doc -source"
[ebuild N ] app-admin/eselect-boost-0.3
[ebuild U ] dev-libs/boost-1.35.0-r5 [1.35.0-r2] USE="eselect%* python%* -test%"
[ebuild R ] media-sound/esound-0.2.41 USE="oss*"
[ebuild N ] dev-java/rhino-1.5.5-r4 USE="-doc -source"
[ebuild N ] dev-java/lucene-analyzers-2.3.2 USE="-source"
[ebuild N ] dev-java/servletapi-2.4-r5 USE="-doc -source"
[ebuild N ] dev-java/tomcat-servlet-api-4.1.36 USE="-doc -source"
[ebuild N ] dev-java/ant-nodeps-1.7.1
[ebuild N ] dev-java/junit-3.8.2-r1 USE="-doc -source"
[ebuild N ] dev-java/antlr-2.7.7 USE="cxx java python -debug -doc -examples -mono -script -source"
[ebuild R ] media-libs/pdflib-7.0.2_p8 USE="java*"
[ebuild R ] dev-lang/ruby-1.8.7_p174-r1 USE="threads* tk* -debug*"
[ebuild N ] dev-java/bsh-2.0_beta4-r3 USE="readline -bsf -doc -source"
[ebuild N ] java-virtuals/servlet-api-2.3
[ebuild N ] dev-java/javacc-4.0-r4 USE="-doc -examples -source -test"
[ebuild N ] dev-java/gjdoc-0.7.9-r1 USE="-source -xmldoclet"
[ebuild N ] dev-java/lucene-2.3.2 USE="-doc -source -test"
[ebuild N ] dev-db/hsqldb- USE="-doc -java6 -source -test"
[ebuild R ] net-dns/libidn-1.15 USE="java*"
[ebuild U ] sys-apps/busybox-1.14.2 [1.13.2]
[ebuild R ] dev-libs/cyrus-sasl-2.1.23-r1 USE="java*"
[ebuild U ] dev-libs/glib-2.20.5-r1 [2.20.5]
[ebuild U ] media-libs/gstreamer-0.10.24 [0.10.23]
[ebuild U ] media-libs/gst-plugins-base-0.10.24 [0.10.23]
[ebuild R ] dev-libs/redland-1.0.9-r1 USE="threads*"
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-x-0.10.24 [0.10.23]
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-dvb-0.10.14 [0.10.11]
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-theora-0.10.24 [0.10.23]
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-oss-0.10.16 [0.10.14]
[ebuild U ] media-libs/gst-plugins-bad-0.10.14 [0.10.13]
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-ogg-0.10.24 [0.10.23]
[ebuild N ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-esd-0.10.16
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-xvideo-0.10.24 [0.10.23]
[ebuild U ] media-libs/gst-plugins-ugly-0.10.12 [0.10.11]
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-alsa-0.10.24 [0.10.23]
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-a52dec-0.10.12 [0.10.11]
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-dvdread-0.10.12 [0.10.11]
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-mad-0.10.12 [0.10.11]
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-flac-0.10.16 [0.10.14]
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-mythtv-0.10.14 [0.10.11]
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-vorbis-0.10.24 [0.10.23]
[ebuild U ] dev-python/gst-python-0.10.16 [0.10.15-r1]
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-pango-0.10.24 [0.10.23]
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-gio-0.10.24 [0.10.23]
[ebuild U ] media-libs/gst-plugins-good-0.10.16 [0.10.14]
[ebuild U ] sys-apps/baselayout-1.12.13 []
[ebuild U ] sys-fs/udev-146-r1 [141] USE="devfs-compat%* -extras%"
[ebuild R ] media-libs/libsdl-1.2.13-r1 USE="esd* oss* -tslib%"
[ebuild R ] dev-tex/luatex-0.30.3 USE="-doc*"
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-mpeg2dec-0.10.12 [0.10.11]
[ebuild R ] dev-texlive/texlive-latex-2008-r1 USE="-doc*"
[ebuild R ] dev-texlive/texlive-latexrecommended-2008-r2 USE="-doc*"
[ebuild U ] net-print/cups-1.3.11-r1 [1.3.10-r2] USE="java*"
[ebuild U ] x11-libs/qt-3.3.8b-r2 [3.3.8b-r1]
[ebuild R ] dev-python/pygtk-2.14.1-r1 USE="-test% (-X%*)"
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-gconf-0.10.16 [0.10.14]
[ebuild R ] x11-libs/wxGTK- USE="gnome*"
[ebuild R ] dev-cpp/eigen-2.0.5 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild U ] sys-apps/hal-0.5.13-r2 [0.5.11-r9] USE="consolekit%* -policykit%"
[ebuild U ] gnome-base/gnome-keyring-2.26.3 [2.22.3-r2]
[ebuild U ] app-misc/hal-info-20090716 [20090414]
[ebuild U ] x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-185.18.36 [180.60]
[ebuild U ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-soup-0.10.16 [0.10.14]
[ebuild U ] gnome-base/libgnome-2.26.0 [2.24.1] USE="branding%* esd*"
[ebuild R ] gnome-base/libbonoboui-2.24.1 USE="-test% (-X%*)"
[ebuild U ] net-libs/xulrunner- [] USE="alsa%* gnome* java* python%* -debug% -sqlite%"
[ebuild N ] net-libs/libproxy-0.2.3-r2 USE="gnome kde python webkit xulrunner -networkmanager -seamonkey"
[ebuild U ] app-text/acroread-9.2 [9.1.3] USE="nsplugin*"
[ebuild U ] www-client/mozilla-firefox-3.5.4 [3.0.14] USE="alsa%* -sqlite%" LINGUAS="-as% -bn_BD% -es_CL% -es_MX% -fa% -hr% -kk% -ml% -or% -rm% -ta% -ta_LK% -vi%"
[ebuild N ] net-libs/libsoup-gnome-2.26.3-r1 USE="-debug -doc"
[ebuild U ] gnome-base/gnome-mount-0.8-r1 [0.8] USE="libnotify%*"
[ebuild U ] gnome-extra/libgsf-1.14.15 [1.14.11] USE="gnome*"
[ebuild N ] gnome-base/librsvg-2.26.0 USE="zlib -debug -doc"
[ebuild N ] media-gfx/imagemagick- USE="X bzip2 corefonts jpeg openmp perl png svg tiff truetype xml zlib -autotrace -djvu -doc -fftw -fontconfig -fpx -graphviz -gs -hdri -jbig -jpeg2k -lcms -lqr -nocxx -openexr -q32 -q8 -raw -wmf"
[ebuild R ] mail-client/mozilla-thunderbird- USE="gnome*"
[ebuild R ] app-office/openoffice-3.1.1 USE="java*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libkdegames-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdepimlibs-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libkworkspace-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libkonq-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libkdeedu-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/knotify-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kephal-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/nepomuk-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdesu-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libkcddb-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kcheckpass-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/keditfiletype-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kioclient-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ksysguard-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libkcompactdisc-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ksplash-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdialog-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libplasmaclock-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/plasma-runtime-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdnssd-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/krosspython-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kwalletd-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kcmshell-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libkexiv2-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libksane-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libkdcraw-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kurifilter-plugins-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kpasswdserver-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/svgpart-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kmix-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/konsole-4.3.1-r1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kglobalaccel-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kstartupconfig-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kreadconfig-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kstyles-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kmimetypefinder-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/juk-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kate-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdelirc-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdf-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/sweeper-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ktimer-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kcalc-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kcharselect-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/okteta-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdessh-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kbruch-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kalgebra-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kgeography-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kiten-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kig-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/step-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kxsldbg-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kimagemapeditor-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kfilereplace-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kommander-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kamera-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libkipi-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/okular-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kruler-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kcolorchooser-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kolourpaint-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ksnapshot-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kgamma-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kstart-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/knetattach-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kwrite-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ksystraycmd-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kuiserver-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kappfinder-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kiconfinder-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/knewstuff-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kquitapp-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdebase-menu-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/renamedlg-plugins-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ktraderclient-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdebugdialog-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/khelpcenter-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kinfocenter-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kfile-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kwrited-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/drkonqi-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/solid-hardware-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/amor-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kteatime-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kweather-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdeartwork-styles-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/knetworkconf-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kcron-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ksystemlog-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdenetwork-filesharing-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kppp-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/krfb-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/krdc-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libkdepim-4.3.1-r1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libkleo-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libtaskmanager-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/khotkeys-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kfind-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kscreensaver-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libkpgp-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libkmahjongg-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdepasswd-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdebase-kioslaves-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kfmclient-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kcminit-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/keditbookmarks-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/mimelib-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/libksieve-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kmailcvt-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kopete-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild U ] net-misc/wicd- [1.6.2]
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kwin-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/plasma-apps-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdemultimedia-kioslaves-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kscd-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ark-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kwallet-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kgpg-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kanagram-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/klettres-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/khangman-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/blinken-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/parley-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ktouch-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kturtle-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kwordquiz-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kstars-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kalzium-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kmplot-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/klinkstatus-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/gwenview-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ksaneplugin-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/thumbnailers-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdepim-strigi-analyzer-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kabcclient-4.3.1-r1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/akonadi-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kbreakout-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kblocks-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ktuberling-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kmines-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/klines-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kblackbox-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kreversi-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kapman-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/knetwalk-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kbounce-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kgoldrunner-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kiriki-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/bomber-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ksirk-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kjumpingcube-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kollision-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ksame-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/killbots-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kpat-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kspaceduel-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ksquares-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/katomic-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kubrick-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ktron-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/konquest-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/bovo-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kbattleship-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/lskat-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ksudoku-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kolf-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdiamond-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kfourinline-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kuser-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kget-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kontactinterfaces-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kcontrol-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/dolphin-4.3.1-r1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/konqueror-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdm-4.3.1-r2 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kmenuedit-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/klipper-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kalarm-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kleopatra-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kpilot-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/konsolekalendar-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kshisen-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kmahjongg-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ktux-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdeartwork-kscreensaver-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kaddressbook-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kontact-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/systemsettings-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/mplayerthumbs-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/nsplugins-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kmail-4.3.1-r1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kjots-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/knode-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/akregator-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/knotes-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdepim-kresources-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/korganizer-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ktimetracker-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdepim-wizards-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kontact-specialdates-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] media-video/ffmpeg-0.5-r1 USE="oss* theora* threads*"
[ebuild R ] media-libs/libquicktime-1.1.3 USE="ffmpeg*"
[ebuild N ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-ffmpeg-0.10.7
[ebuild R ] media-video/transcode-1.0.7 USE="dv* mmx* oss* theora* v4l2*"
[ebuild R ] net-voip/ekiga-2.0.12 USE="gnome*"
[ebuild R ] media-plugins/gst-plugins-meta-0.10-r2 USE="esd* ffmpeg* mythtv* oss* theora*"
[ebuild R ] dev-python/PyQt4-4.5.4-r4 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/pykde4-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/superkaramba-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/marble-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/phonon-kde-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/solid-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/ksmserver-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/soliduiserver-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/powerdevil-4.3.1-r1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/solidautoeject-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/krunner-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/plasma-workspace-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/kdeplasma-addons-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild R ] media-libs/libsndfile-1.0.20 USE="jack*"
[ebuild R ] media-sound/jack-audio-connection-kit-0.109.2-r1 USE="-debug*"
[ebuild NS ] app-cdr/k3b-1.68.0_alpha3 [1.0.5-r6] USE="dvd encode ffmpeg flac mad sndfile vorbis wav (-aqua) -debug -emovix -lame -musicbrainz -sox -taglib -vcd"
[ebuild R ] media-libs/xine-lib- USE="jack*"
[ebuild R ] media-video/mplayer-1.0_rc2_p20090731 USE="aalib* esd* jack* ladspa* lirc* mng* oss*"
[ebuild R ] media-sound/mpg123-1.9.0 USE="jack* oss*"
[ebuild U ] media-video/smplayer-0.6.8 [0.6.6] LINGUAS="-et% -pt% -vi%"
[ebuild R ] kde-base/dragonplayer-4.3.1 USE="-debug*"
[blocks B ] sys-fs/device-mapper ("sys-fs/device-mapper" is blocking sys-fs/udev-146-r1)

* Error: The above package list contains packages which cannot be
* installed at the same time on the same system.

('ebuild', '/', 'sys-fs/udev-146-r1', 'merge') pulled in by
sys-fs/udev required by ('installed', '/', 'net-wireless/bluez-4.39-r2', 'nomerge')
sys-fs/udev required by ('ebuild', '/', 'sys-kernel/gentoo-sources-2.6.31-r6', 'merge')
>=sys-fs/udev-124 required by ('installed', '/', 'sys-fs/cryptsetup-1.0.6-r2', 'nomerge')
(and 3 more)

('installed', '/', 'sys-fs/device-mapper-1.02.24-r1', 'nomerge') pulled in by
sys-fs/device-mapper required by world
>=sys-fs/device-mapper-1.00.07-r1 required by ('installed', '/', 'sys-fs/cryptsetup-1.0.6-r2', 'nomerge')

For more information about Blocked Packages, please refer to the following
section of the Gentoo Linux x86 Handbook (architecture is irrelevant):

In verità anche ieri mi era apparso questo output dopodichè ho prima rimosso device-mapper e poi reinstallato.
A quel punto l'aggiornamento del sistema mi chiedeva di installare emerge dev-lang/python ed io l'ho fatto.
Da qui è nato il problema delle dipendenze circolari.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 4:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ma ora funziona o hai l'errore con device mapper?
Contattami se vuoi contribuire in:
-Arch tester
-Chromium tester
-Traduzione doc. it
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Tux's lil' helper
Tux's lil' helper

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ho fatto una ricerca con google e ho trovato questa segnalazione di bug: per cui ho seguito queste indicazioni:emerge -C device-mapper && emerge -uDN world
Per ora l'aggiornamento è partito, mi auguro che tutto vada a buon fine.
Vi farò sapere.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Epicuro wrote:
Ho provato a disabilitare la flag USE doc e questo è il risultato:
Sono un asino, intendevo emerge -uDpvNt world :lol:
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Tux's lil' helper
Tux's lil' helper

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Non preoccuparti il tuo suggerimento come quello degli altri mi servono per imparare ad utilizzare al meglio Gentoo.
Ciao e grazie :)
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Tux's lil' helper
Tux's lil' helper

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Allora come detto in precedenza l'aggiornamento del sistema è partito però dei 352 pacchetti da aggiornare solo 109 sono stati aggiornati.
Il sistema sembra funzionare ma non capisco come mai i restanti pacchetti non si sono installati.
Ho provato a guardare nei file di log (emerge e portage) ma non sono riuscito a capire molto.
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