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Local Sparc build source
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2003 8:15 am    Post subject: Local Sparc build source Reply with quote

I've got a dozen sun4m for some mixmaster experiments. They are all running tweaked splack installs, but I'm interested in tweaking and it seems like gentoo is a good answer. Long time linux user (think windows 3.0 and DOS 3.3) but brand new to gentoo.

Making 12 internets fetches seems pretty silly for emerge, thus I'd like to setup a local mirror (or what ever you call it in gentoo). That seems like a common request for x86, has it been done in sparc and where might I find a HOWTO?


I also see that posters often have booting problems. I can easily supply sun4m bootable hard disks to the needy for bootstrapping into current gentoo. I have some small disks for that task sitting around, as the limit is 2G for this hardware class (for the boot hard drive).
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