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how to migrate to gnome-session-2.26
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:51 am    Post subject: how to migrate to gnome-session-2.26 Reply with quote


I had some trouble after upgrading gnome-session to 2.26 and I haven't seen the solution mentioned anywhere, so I'll put it here in case anybody else needs it. For what it's worth, I have the policykit and consolekit USE flags turned on.

My environment on my laptop consists of fvwm running under gnome-session. In earlier versions, gnome-session only started what I told it to start in its configuration utility. If I wanted to replace the running window manager in the session, I just had to replace it and save the session. This doesn't work with the new version, which starts nautilus, gnome-panel, and metacity automatically. They don't appear in gnome-session-properties.

Gnome appears to have changed the way applications started at the beginning of a session are handled. ~/.gnome2/session doesn't seem to be looked at anymore; instead, sessions start .desktop files that reside in ~/.config/autostart/. In addition, there are gconf keys that specify the window manager, panel, and file manager gnome-session should know about and start automatically.

I like fvwm-crystal. In order to start it, I had to change the gconf keys in desktop/gnome/session/required_components to reflect what I wanted: no nautilus, no panel, and fvwm-crystal replacing metacity as the window manager. Unfortunately, when I started a gnome session, I didn't get a window manager; this is different than the way it started metacity automatically. To fix it, I logged in at a VT and ran "DISPLAY=:0 fvwm-crystal". Then I could use the gnome-session-properties tool to add fvwm-crystal as a new startup application.

I have what I used to again: gnome-session with fvwm-crystal and no nautilus stealing my desktop clicks.

I hope somebody finds this useful. :)
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