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64bit vs 32bit memory footprint.
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 8:49 am    Post subject: 64bit vs 32bit memory footprint. Reply with quote

Hi all, i use two gentoo system,
- first one is a PIV@3.2ghz, 32bit which i use at work.
- second one is an amd64 venice which i use at home.

Both installations are nearly the same (same services, use flags, installed applications), but i noticed a bigger amount of ram used by the amd64 installation.
I know that 64bit code is more memory expansive than 32bit one because of pointer sizes, but here it is about a 20% more!

I'm not sure if this test is correct, but here's the output of pmap on a just opened bash shell.


32bitbox ~ # pmap 13987
13987:   /bin/bash
08048000    608K r-x--  /bin/bash
080e0000      4K r----  /bin/bash
080e1000     20K rw---  /bin/bash
080e6000   2796K rw---    [ anon ]
41189000    120K r-x--  /lib/
411a7000      4K r----  /lib/
411a8000      4K rw---  /lib/
42543000    224K r-x--  /lib/
4257b000     28K r----  /lib/
42582000      8K rw---  /lib/
42584000      4K rw---    [ anon ]
42825000   1352K r-x--  /lib/
42977000      8K r----  /lib/
42979000      4K rw---  /lib/
4297a000     12K rw---    [ anon ]
429a8000      8K r-x--  /lib/
429aa000      4K r----  /lib/
429ab000      4K rw---  /lib/
43726000     92K r-x--  /lib/
4373d000      4K r----  /lib/
4373e000      4K rw---  /lib/
4373f000      8K rw---    [ anon ]
b7daa000     36K r-x--  /lib/
b7db3000      4K r----  /lib/
b7db4000      4K rw---  /lib/
b7db5000     36K r-x--  /lib/
b7dbe000      4K r----  /lib/
b7dbf000      4K rw---  /lib/
b7dc0000     28K r-x--  /lib/
b7dc7000      4K r----  /lib/
b7dc8000      4K rw---  /lib/
b7dc9000   1740K r----  /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive
b7f7c000      8K rw---    [ anon ]
b7f9d000      8K rw---    [ anon ]
b7f9f000      8K r-x--  /usr/lib/gconv/
b7fa1000      4K r----  /usr/lib/gconv/
b7fa2000      4K rw---  /usr/lib/gconv/
b7fa3000     28K r--s-  /usr/lib/gconv/gconv-modules.cache
b7faa000      4K r-x--    [ anon ]
bfe0d000     84K rw---    [ stack ]
[b] total     7332K[/b]


64bitbox# pmap 7765
7765:   -bash
0000000000400000    632K r-x--  /bin/bash
000000000059d000     44K rw---  /bin/bash
00000000005a8000    288K rw---    [ anon ]
00002b28104ad000    108K r-x--  /lib64/
00002b28104c8000      4K rw---    [ anon ]
00002b28104c9000      4K r----  /usr/lib64/locale/it_IT/LC_IDENTIFICATION
00002b28104ca000      4K r----  /usr/lib64/locale/it_IT/LC_MEASUREMENT
00002b28104cb000      4K r----  /usr/lib64/locale/it_IT/LC_TELEPHONE
00002b28104cc000      4K r----  /usr/lib64/locale/it_IT/LC_ADDRESS
00002b28104cd000      4K r----  /usr/lib64/locale/it_IT/LC_NAME
00002b28104ce000      4K r----  /usr/lib64/locale/it_IT/LC_PAPER
00002b28104cf000      4K r----  /usr/lib64/locale/it_IT/LC_MESSAGES/SYS_LC_MESSAGES
00002b28104d0000      4K r----  /usr/lib64/locale/it_IT/LC_MONETARY
00002b28104d1000     20K r----  /usr/lib64/locale/it_IT/LC_COLLATE
00002b28104d6000      4K r----  /usr/lib64/locale/it_IT/LC_TIME
00002b28104d7000      4K r----  /usr/lib64/locale/it_IT/LC_NUMERIC
00002b28104f5000      4K rw---    [ anon ]
00002b28104f6000    288K r-x--  /lib64/
00002b281053e000   1020K -----  /lib64/
00002b281063d000     60K rw---  /lib64/
00002b281064c000    216K r----  /usr/lib64/locale/it_IT/LC_CTYPE
00002b2810682000     28K r--s-  /usr/lib64/gconv/gconv-modules.cache
00002b28106c7000      4K r----  /lib64/
00002b28106c8000      4K rw---  /lib64/
00002b28106c9000      8K r-x--  /lib64/
00002b28106cb000   2048K -----  /lib64/
00002b28108cb000      4K r----  /lib64/
00002b28108cc000      4K rw---  /lib64/
00002b28108cd000   1268K r-x--  /lib64/
00002b2810a0a000   2048K -----  /lib64/
00002b2810c0a000     16K r----  /lib64/
00002b2810c0e000      4K rw---  /lib64/
00002b2810c0f000     28K rw---    [ anon ]
00002b2810c16000     28K r-x--  /lib64/
00002b2810c1d000   2044K -----  /lib64/
00002b2810e1c000      4K r----  /lib64/
00002b2810e1d000      4K rw---  /lib64/
00002b2810e1e000     80K r-x--  /lib64/
00002b2810e32000   2044K -----  /lib64/
00002b2811031000      4K r----  /lib64/
00002b2811032000      4K rw---  /lib64/
00002b2811033000      8K rw---    [ anon ]
00002b2811035000     36K r-x--  /lib64/
00002b281103e000   2048K -----  /lib64/
00002b281123e000      4K r----  /lib64/
00002b281123f000      4K rw---  /lib64/
00002b2811240000     40K r-x--  /lib64/
00002b281124a000   2044K -----  /lib64/
00002b2811449000      4K r----  /lib64/
00002b281144a000      4K rw---  /lib64/
00002b281144b000      8K r-x--  /usr/lib64/gconv/
00002b281144d000   2044K -----  /usr/lib64/gconv/
00002b281164c000      4K r----  /usr/lib64/gconv/
00002b281164d000      4K rw---  /usr/lib64/gconv/
00002b281164e000      8K rw---    [ anon ]
00007fff9a5e7000     88K rw---    [ stack ]
ffffffffff600000   8192K -----    [ anon ]
[b] total            26940K[/b]

Here are emerge --info on

I wonder if i can do something (kernel configuration, cflags, glibc use flags...) to reduce the 64-bit memory footprint.

Thanks in advance.
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 9:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

but here it is about a 20% more!

That is consistent with my experiences: amd64 is at least 20% larger than i686. I don't think there's anything that can be done, especially since you already seem to have things compiled with -Os.
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