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IPTABLES "Connection reset" connection stalling issues
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 8:47 pm    Post subject: IPTABLES "Connection reset" connection stalling is Reply with quote

I'm running a fully update 10/13/08 Gentoo install, and I have IPTABLES and NAT working, however I'm getting a number of "connection timed out" errors when browsing simple sites. I've tried a number of resent kernels, so it does not appear to be a kernel issue.

Tests if I say ping Over 5 minutes AVG response is 55ms, but out of 300 packets almost 3% were lost.

IF I run a newgroup reader and download data, the connection speed is about 10.2Mbps (which is about what it should be), but once every few minutes it goes to zero and just hangs for a few seconds (say 10 to 15) before restarting. Once it restart the speed is exactly what it was before the stall.

Now I know my connection to the cable company is fine (SRN is 38db, and only .0001% of packets could not be recovered).

Does anyone have any ideas, could be that the cable companies connection is the problem, but I find that unlikely, I expect an issue with the NAT setup, but it did work fine for almost a year before I moved to the new location (about a month ago). At this time my old Gentoo installs HD died so I was forced to rebuild the box from scratch, but the IPTABLES ruleset is from a backup, are there any known Gentoo issues that could be the cause?

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