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m68ez328 palm & uclinux
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:06 pm    Post subject: m68ez328 palm & uclinux Reply with quote

i am opening this thread to ask if somebody knows about the port of uclinux to the palm 68k PDA.
from what has been written in their uclinux-web and what you can read from browsing the linux sources, it seems something code is really existing about a real physical port to this target
(even if somebody is talking about "virtual port", meaning the target is a palm emulator)

here i really hacked the palm who is called "m105". I do it to force the cpu (68328, m68k family) to bootstrap with the serial bootstrap mode (a special bootstrap mode which only the 328 is provided with)


(*) about the palm m105

ROM=ROM-2MB ... the label is unreadable,  i wander if it ~ to flash-sst39vf160
I/O={RTC, buttons, sound, SPI with a A/D attached}

i am able to compile a tiny c or assembly code ("hello world", "ROM dumper", and something as easy as these apps), to download and to execute it

unfortunately i have a few issues with the memory map (so with the gnu linker script) that makes me impossible to write applications bigger than 1kbyte

i wander if there is some documentation / hacks or real port of something working that could help me to fix my issues

googling i found there is a compiled uclinux image from
it use useless, it doesn't work with my m105 display (information reported to this URL is partially wrong, the m105 has no frame buffer support, i can appreciate), but it works serially: it shows me something was done, and it works, so it helps me to have HOPE about success

I emailed the uclinux mail list with still nothing answered: it seems nobody is being working for years
also all the old web materials seem to be lost: a lot of broken links

have you read something about ?
have you collaborated or worked on this project ?

it should be an interesting embedded study opportunity
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