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"Booting Linux..." and then system reset [using 2007.0]
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 7:46 pm    Post subject: "Booting Linux..." and then system reset [using 20 Reply with quote

Hi fellow admins,

I tried to install Gentoo 2007.0 on a Sun Blade 150 as per the instructions given in

The following were the only deviations:
the / partition size I chose was 1024MB & not 512MB
other partitions were all of 2048MB in size.

The whole of the installation, kernel compilation etc went fine.

But after a reboot, silo comes up with a boot: prompt
I choose a kernel image, silo then says "Booting image..." for around a minute and the system automatically goes for a reset.

Another observation:
I learned that silo supports auto completion of file paths.
I tried it by typing "1/<tab>", but when I press tab, I get the classic "Fast Instruction Access MMU Miss" error. :-(

I am not able to figure out what is wrong...

If the Universal install 2007.0 CD is able to boot properly & detect every device on the system (ATI Graphics, Ali Sound etc & give a fine prompt, then why can't it happen after a reboot from the hard disk ??? 8O

Yet another observation.
It is not uncommon for a Sparc machine to have two graphics cards in a default configuration. In such a case there is a possibility that the Linux kernel will not direct its output to the card initially used by the firmware. The lack of output on the graphical console may then be mistaken for a hang (usually the last message seen on console is 'Booting Linux...'). One possible solution is to physically remove one of the video cards; another option is to disable one of the cards using a kernel boot parameter. Also, if graphical output is not required or desired, serial console may be used as an alternative. On some systems use of serial console can be activated automatically by disconnecting the keyboard before booting the system.

but I just have only one built-in graphics ATI Rage XL chip
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